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  1. I had just tried it myself with the pro version, so I'll also be looking forward to when it is supported. The basic MCE functionality (flaps, etc.) still works, so I'm good flying until then. Thanks Dwayne
  2. I understand that the MD 80 from Flight1/Coolsky has been supported as of Is that for both the "Super 80" and "Super 80 Professional" versions? If the level of support differs between them, that are the differences? Thanks for your help Dwayne
  3. Thank you for the info. If I come across FO commands not functioning or functioning incorrectly in the Embraer 175 is it appropriate to log it here, or would it be considered "not supported?" Thanks Dwayne
  4. Hello. Are the FeelThere E-Jets v.2 (Embraer 175/195) currently supported by MCE? Apologies if I have posted this question to the wrong thread Thanks Dwayne