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  1. mikemoore

    (VECTORS) in FMC on approach

    Thanks for the replies. I was able to work through what I was trying to do. I set up a similar scenario departing KROC RWY 22 on the Xerox2 departure, then Rnav 22 approach, Magen transition. After takeoff and initial climb the FMC was on the (VECTOR) leg. On the Legs page there was nothing that I could do to advance beyond the (VECTOR) step. Pressing the Magen soft key or any other key had no effect. However, when I switched to the RTE page I was able to delete the whole SID, press exec, turn to intercept, then enter LNAV to continue the route. I watched the 737NGX video and conclude that the behavior of 737NG and 737NGX are different. Deleting the SID works for continuing to the enroute portion for departure.
  2. mikemoore

    (VECTORS) in FMC on approach

    What I am trying to learn how to do is similar to this topic. My flight plan from KDCA RWY 01 includes NATIONAL 3 departure. http://flightaware.com/resources/airport/KDCA/DP/NATIONAL+THREE. After takeoff I select LNAV and the FMC turns to 328 degrees and is in VECTOR mode. I have not been able to figure out how to step beyond the vector to the next step in the flight plan. I have tried deleting the vector step and that is invalid. I have tried turning off LNAV and approaching the next waypoint and then turning LNAV back on. In this case FMC resumes the vector. Please let me know if there is additional information that I can provide. Thanks, Mike