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  1. ddietz

    REX Installation

    I had the same problem ( "Weather theme could not be loaded...") and after trying nearly every solution on this page, it was finally running the "REX Database Repair Application" that fixed it.
  2. Good point; it is a modular PS and checking to ensure that everything is secure should be at the top of my troubleshooting list,
  3. Thanks so much for the advice Bob! I had tried to re-install the drivers but did it again, and this time made sure that I checked the 'clean install' box, and lo and behold, FSX opens. I 'm still having another issue with the card in that my screen goes black for a second or two randomly, but that's happening in all applications, or even when no program is running. I'll contact the card manufacturer to see if they can help. I appreciate your assistance, thanks again.
  4. Hello AVSIM community, I'm a relative newbie to FSX (and this forum) but have really been enjoying simple VFR flying. On the weekend I upgraded my GPU to a GTX 760 and unfortunately it seems to be causing an issue. The 'rotating aircraft' screen opens up, but when I click on the "Fly now" button I just get a black screen. I can hear the audio from the engine, and can alt-tab out of FSX to get to the desktop. I'm running WIN7-64. I just now found the AVSIM software and hardware guide, which looks awesome and perhaps the solution to my problem is in there. Thanks to everyone who contributed to it! I'm busy today but hope to get a chance to read it tomorrow or later this week. In the meantime, I just wanted to post a note about this in case there is a known and direct solution like using an older driver, modifying a cfg file, etc. I'm looking forward to thoroughly reviewing the s/w and h/w guide too, and applying as much of the advice there to improve my FSX setup. thanks