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  1. nandopiloto

    Voxatc beta 7.2

    I´ve a questions for you, I would appreciate if you answer me. I´ve 2 computers: desktop and laptop, When I´m traveling of course I must use the laptop compuor, But my desktop computer is betten than the laptop then when I am at home I use just desktop, Can I install VoxAtc in these two computers? I just will use one computer not both at the same time, but I need the program is installed in these 2 computers, Regards and thank you
  2. Hi to everybody: Excuse me if I mustn´t write here but I´m new and I don´t know how use this page still. I would like that you can help me with a PMDG 737NGX problem. I have bought it the past week and the fmc page of Aircraft has 11 pages 1/11 and I was comparing it with a friend who was this same pmdg and he has 12 pages in the Aircraft section. Another thing is that I change the aircraft to cold and dark and I would like to open again the FSX with a cold and dark cockpit and the engines are running. I have another trouble I believe that the fmc setting change in the moment that you do it, for example in the fms we go to pmdg setup- Aircraft-Equipment in the Airframe position of the FMS is Flight test package with NO. I change it to YES. Close the FSX and open it again and the aircraft is in the same configuration that is always, I wanna say the flight test package continue with NO. I have windows 7 64bit, and my flight simulator X isn´t original, I have a patch. May be that when the flight simulator isn´t original the PMDG generates this troubles. I will buy the flight simulator original due to this problem, but can you help me what is a happening? I am a new user with this aircraft. Thank you And greetings for everybody here. Hernando