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  1. evkava

    Majestic Dash 8 Q-400 (module 2.6)

    Hi Mick , Thanks for your reply . So i understand that i'm not alone !! I Hope someone can solve this issue because it's really bad to fly with one of two software's disabled Fly safe Evangelos
  2. evkava

    Majestic Dash 8 Q-400 (module 2.6)

    Hi there to all q400 simmers, I have the FS2Crew addon for Majestic Dash8 q400 and also tried to load Linda Module . The conclusion is that Linda works fine but the FS2Crew module has problems in audio (The automated computer (FO) voice is heard with gaps inside the phrases and words lost. It was unable to work with FS2Crew because i was unable to hear FO answers . Is there anyone that has been trying to merge those two addons and succeeded ? Thank you
  3. evkava

    Linda with Pokeys E

    No one interested ? too bad !
  4. evkava

    Linda with Pokeys E

    Hi there , is anyone try to connect Pokeys Ethernet card with Linda in order to use the i/o card as input buttons? thanks in avance Evangelos