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  1. wkent


    :lol: Right on the money Jim. Turned clock sync off, FSX loaded faster and not reloading. Thanks again
  2. wkent


    Thank you gentlemen. This first started after installing FSUIPC and enabling the clock synch, so that will be my first change.
  3. After FSX Control panel is up and aircraft, airport and flight plan selected, click "Fly now" screen goes black white window and progress bar as scenery, terrain and everything loads. Start flight and sometimes black screen and progress bar flash then flight resumes, this can occur any time during the flight. Only had a couple of instances where the "flash" stayed and FSX was locked up. Any ideas on where to look? FSX Gold, FSUIPC4, UT Alaska, Anchorage X
  4. wkent

    Bush Strips

    Thanks for the info, much appreciated
  5. wkent

    Bush Strips

    Sorry if this has been asked and answered. And yes I am doing the tutorials in FSX and elsewhere. Anyhow, live in Anchorage Alaska where there are more airstrips than people, never let the truth get in the way of a good story New to FSX and can manage to land at airports with PAPI, not brilliant but definitely walking away. My problem is I can figure out what the "sight picture" should be for an unmarked bush strip and landings are "horrific" Little help please.
  6. Had FSX for 3 months, came across this forum by chance followed the "How to" document and never looked back. Thanks Paul J, Steve FX and Charles E (AMD guru). Installed the update for Steve's DX10 Fixer the other day. I live in Anchorage so always flying in snow/clouds etc.. Only have default weather set at "winter wonderland". The least realistic part of my setup is the scenery. Anyhow guys, just wanted you to know, your efforts are appreciated.
  7. wkent

    A2A C172 and Yoke issue

    Could it be the Realism settings in P3D are having this effect? The action you describe is what happens in a real aircraft due to prop rotation. Realism settings in the sim control how "real" the model performs. The Easy setting removes all these effects.
  8. wkent

    Newbie G1000

    Well that was easy, thank you gentlemen. Powerful computer coming so I'll stick with default for now. I had turned of tooltips supposely to improve experience. CoolP masterpiece above lit the beacon, thanks again
  9. wkent

    Newbie G1000

    Hi, new to all this and i did search for answer Default FSX Gold. Have issue with G1000 in both aircraft. It appears only the inner knob on the right works. I cannot move the cursor, which is apparently controlled by the outer knob. So if i hit PROC, Select Approach, ENT that's as far as i can go. Any ideas on what im doing wrong? Cheers, Wayne