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  1. same here Lynchie, it is grey but I am on a "press release" , not sure if that is related
  2. Yes.. that is one of the most real world looking screenshots I have ever seen. Well done!
  3. Thanks Nico, I really really enjoyed your product last night.
  4. In talking to other users... this is a global outage. I am happy to hear it is not something on my end
  5. Here are some screenshots... One shows traffic is fine.. and then within 15 seconds the traffic is gone 15 seconds later....
  6. I found this wonderful program last night and it worked flawlessy, this morning however I am getting the same problem. Traffic came into Real Traffic and then disappeared. Happened every minute. Maybe it was a problem on the Real Traffic side and not in the PSXSeecon application. I look forward to livestreaming this. Thank for your great addon
  7. I wonder how difficult it would be to incorporate RealTraffic into X-Plane 11 - Thinking out loud here. :)
  8. Thank you so much for this mod! I flew it yesterday on my twitch stream.. love it. Has anyone been able to crossfill the 750 to the 650 (flight plan etc) You can see the youtube of it here... https://youtu.be/aomLSgRHfbs
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