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  1. vitojethro

    What is this airport

    Thank you, I was looking for it in the Alps!
  2. I should probably know this, but where is this airport?
  3. vitojethro

    Proper Way of Requesting a Different runway?

    A new day and it seems to be working correctly now contrary to my post above, perhaps I just needed to restart XP & P2ATC. The filed flight plan does not show any procedures but I was given some. I don't understand what you mean by connecting the last waypoint in the route to a STAR - I only have the default TOD PT in the route, is that not connected to all STARS in the world? Or if I was to add another real waypoint near the destination airport, how does it connect to the STAR, does it have to be a point on the STAR or just have to be sensibly close? Incidentally, from a usage point of view I don't care so much about being surprised or not, if the route would be drawn on the map that would help me understand what is going on better, especially from a troubleshooting perspective & learning perspective. I can always pretend to be surprised. Perhaps I am misunderstanding and 'Auto Load' effectively only means 'Draw on map' and 'Force Pilot Runway Selection' means 'Never let ATC determine procedures'. I have read the manual a few times but still unclear, perhaps as this is my first real attempt at ATC so I have no proper context how things should really flow. Ultimately, what I desire is as follows, is this possible?: 'File' to generate a full flight plan that is accurate to weather at that point in time, and always draw the full flight plan the screen. I can then add sensible intermediate waypoints that hopefully don't break the logic. P2ATC to always give me new procedures if the weather changes, and to update the map as well if that happens en-route. I never want to control this. I then have to change the plan in my FMC. If I happen to go for a coffee break, I come back and may notice the map has changed.
  4. vitojethro

    Proper Way of Requesting a Different runway?

    When I have Auto Load Recommended Procedures unchecked, they are filled in. Not sure if I understand or if there is a bug?
  5. vitojethro

    X-Plane 11 or others

    I was on FSX for a long time, and it served me well. I enjoyed the variety of planes and bobbing up and down the PNW in my throaty DHC2. I found the graphics in FSX a little basic and once X-Plane 11 came out I made the switch, deleting FSX was a difficult moment... Looking back I miss the add-on weather engines for FSX, and the variety of airplanes. For me flying through clouds, rain, snow, hail & visibility is about 50% of the immersion. But then again, X-Plane is advancing rapidly. I cannot speak for P3D, but if money was not a problem I would have both. For example I feel there is no turbo prop to in X-Plane to compare to the the Majestic Dash 8 in FSX/P3D.
  6. vitojethro

    So slow sometimes (specifically SIDS at RIGA)

    Same issue I think
  7. vitojethro

    So slow sometimes (specifically SIDS at RIGA)

    It cannot be the number of SIDS/STARS, because KJFK to KATL and KATL to KJFK both load in a few seconds, and there is a silly number of SIDS and STARS at KATL! So must be RIGA specifically with something unusual.
  8. vitojethro

    So slow sometimes (specifically SIDS at RIGA)

    I think the issue is to do with loading SIDS at EVRA specifically, (when clicking the SID button): With route set from EVRA to PAJN, SIDS are broken, STARS load OK. With route set from PAJN to EVRA, STARS load OK, SIDS load OK. So there are several SIDS at RIGA, but not too many to handle?
  9. vitojethro

    So slow sometimes (specifically SIDS at RIGA)

    Also, when I click 'New' after waiting several minutes, the screen clears, but the spinning progress bar remains a while. For the user, this is confusing / disconcerting. It does go away after a while, so it must have been doing something, although there was no CPU activity. I send these in a positive spirit I look forward to all improvements as they come. EDIT: The workaround is to click Waypoint, then Cancel, and the spinning progress goes away.
  10. Sometimes, everything works great and efficiently. Sometimes it takes ages and ages (or possibly not at all as I give up after several minutes) to connect to X-Plane, and also to either Validate or Auto Plan. I'm sure it can be made quicker somehow? For example it has been stuck on this screen a long time if I try either Validate, File, or Auto Plan. I have tried restarting Pilot2ATC as well as X-Plane. I have also tried entering some intermediate waypoints (as shown in the screen shot below) hoping maybe it would reduce the pathing in Pilot2ATC. My PC is quite powerful, with SSD and HDD, and nothing much else happening. Other flights work efficiently, perhaps if the area is very busy it becomes slow? As a comparison, Little Navmap works suggests routes very quickly (using the same Airac 1801).
  11. vitojethro

    Don't ignore me

    Thanks, I cannot at this point recall if I had requested diversion to the other airport or not. I look forward to updates.
  12. vitojethro

    Don't ignore me

    I am requesting climb to flight level 110 (screenshot below), after performing a go around and decision to fly into another airport instead due to poor visibility. However ATC is ignoring my requests to climb to FL110, with no reply possibly as they are not the ones who decide this at this point. I cannot tell if they are ignoring me or not present, however they are there and listening because if I speed up they demand I slow down. It would be nice if there was some sort of indication that my requests are being actively being heard but ignored. Or does green text mean that?
  13. In X-plane, the default ENBR (Bergen Lufthaven Flesland) was listed as '3D' featured airport - however there were no buildings there! In LIttle Navmap it showed as 5 stars which is not good (for me). I then downloaded a pretty good version of it from the x-plane org, it now shows as a 'helipad' featured airport and now only has 4 stars in Little Navmap. Really in my opinion it was '1' star before, and possibly '5' stars now. Possibly the fault of the airport design or x-plane itself for listed as 'helipad', not sure, but could be others the same.
  14. Fantastic map, it has replaced Plan G for me. Just wanted to get my first impressions in fast. I love How I can find well rated airports without flying to them first. Some immediate things I miss from other maps are: 1. Dark mode. I'm becoming a vampyre. 2. Filter options in the map for rating, runway length, etc. Basically all the options on the search need to appear so we can quickly exclude airports from the display according to rating etc. Or a button in the search window called 'only show these in map'. 3. Slightly more pronounced explanations needed regarding the rules for excluding folders for addon detection, and possibly a ageing 'Refresh' button to hint we need to refresh when we add more addons over time. This would help traction with new users.