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  1. Height of cockpit when on ground

    Have you tried hitting shift+enter? Search for 'moving the eye point' here
  2. Do you want the 777-200/ER?

    It looks like 15 out of the first 20 manufactured are still active!
  3. Tutorial: Flight from Sydney to Vancouver

    In Richard's video, the magenta speed increased with each stage of flap retraction, so I'm not sure if it's tied to a fixed speed, like V2?
  4. Tutorial: Flight from Sydney to Vancouver

    Hi Richard No, that makes sense - I just wondered where the magenta speed figures on the PFD came from as you climbed up to 10,000 ft. Does the aircraft work out its minimum clean speed for each flap configuration and put it there? Also, I raise flaps when IAS matches the relevant indicator on the speed tape in the PFD. You appeared to go well past this in the climb - selecting out of flaps 15 almost 20KTS faster than the indicator, for instance. Was there a reason for this? I'm not saying that it's wrong, just asking why you did it! Peter
  5. Tutorial: Flight from Sydney to Vancouver

    Good effort Richard! Very thorough and detailed so far (I'm part way through no 3). I've a couple of comments on the departure. Could the flap raising have been completed earlier? The actions were taken with the minimum flap speeds well below the IAS on the speed tape. Also, was there the typical speed restriction of 250KT below 10,000 ft, if so, it looked like you busted it, but the magenta speed in the FMC was over 260KT?