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  1. phastings

    Chaseplane not working today

    I've just replied in another thread, but I had a similar issue - VFXCentral would start with P3D, but not ChasePlane. By fiddling around, I ran chaseplane.exe outside the sim and, I think, an update was downloaded. I'm guessing that my antivirus could have been blocking VFXCentral - whereas chaseplane.exe is marked as 'safe'.
  2. I don't know if this is the same thing, but I had a problem with ChasePlane after a complete reinstall of my P3D setup in the last week or so. VFXCentral loaded with P3D, but not CP. I submitted a support call, but fixed it myself by trial and error - I ran chaseplane.exe (as an admin) outside the sim and I think it downloaded an update but, after this, CP loads as expected with P3D. I guess it could have been my antivirus software that was blocking the update download by VFXCentral?
  3. phastings

    Height of cockpit when on ground

    Have you tried hitting shift+enter? Search for 'moving the eye point' here
  4. phastings

    Do you want the 777-200/ER?

    It looks like 15 out of the first 20 manufactured are still active!
  5. phastings

    Tutorial: Flight from Sydney to Vancouver

    In Richard's video, the magenta speed increased with each stage of flap retraction, so I'm not sure if it's tied to a fixed speed, like V2?
  6. phastings

    Tutorial: Flight from Sydney to Vancouver

    Hi Richard No, that makes sense - I just wondered where the magenta speed figures on the PFD came from as you climbed up to 10,000 ft. Does the aircraft work out its minimum clean speed for each flap configuration and put it there? Also, I raise flaps when IAS matches the relevant indicator on the speed tape in the PFD. You appeared to go well past this in the climb - selecting out of flaps 15 almost 20KTS faster than the indicator, for instance. Was there a reason for this? I'm not saying that it's wrong, just asking why you did it! Peter
  7. phastings

    Tutorial: Flight from Sydney to Vancouver

    Good effort Richard! Very thorough and detailed so far (I'm part way through no 3). I've a couple of comments on the departure. Could the flap raising have been completed earlier? The actions were taken with the minimum flap speeds well below the IAS on the speed tape. Also, was there the typical speed restriction of 250KT below 10,000 ft, if so, it looked like you busted it, but the magenta speed in the FMC was over 260KT?
  8. phastings

    [08JAN15] Updated P3D Development Information

    Isn't that a matter for you and Lockheed Martin? :-)
  9. phastings

    PMDG 777 Prepare3d with FSX license

    Good point, well made! Probably what I'd do!
  10. phastings

    PMDG 777 Prepare3d with FSX license

    Who knows - if someone does go for it at $350m (hell, give 'em a discount!), perhaps the rest of us can get it for free? Yes 'Graham', and the policy says 'You MUST SIGN YOUR FULL REAL NAME to posts to use this forum'.
  11. phastings

    737 vs 777 landing performance question

    And Kyle, the 777 will have a larger speedbrake area and a bigger reverse thrust effect compared to the 737 - but also more momentum from the extra weight! Not sure how you can add those factors into the equation! Don't published minimum landing distances only take into account the wheel braking effect, so in 'real life' operations the aircraft will use less runway?
  12. phastings

    737 vs 777 landing performance question

    Not a real pilot, but after a search for the landing perfomance for both types, Boeing's info says a landing field length at MLW of 1,550m to 1,840m for 777 variants and 1,300m to 1,600m for 737 variants. Commercial aircraft land at the same airports, so I'd expect the published maximum specs to be similar. In the real world, I'd suppose that longer roll outs save wear and tear on brakes and engines.