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  1. Hi everyone. Leo Bodnar sells a HID Interface for 128 inputs. How many inputs can be used max with WIN10 and LINDA? http://www.leobodnar.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=94&products_id=180
  2. I have the same issue. But on my MJ Account are only this availablew: 1.020a patch for MJC8 Q400 PILOT edition 64 bit. Issue 20.11.2017
  3. No, the other Aurcraft working propper. i test it on EDDK 23R and 14L . Landing with other aircraft without trouble.
  4. Hi i have a big problem with the C-130 (P3Dv4.5). during Approach i miss the indicator for the glide slope. Aircraft is setup with correct ILS Frequenz and course. AP Selector is set to ILS / NAV1 and i recieve the Morse code. I can see the correct working horizontal bar and AP is following ist. but the vertical bar is always in the middle. I Need a Little help.
  5. Hi I`m looking for a MJC Dash8 Q400 remote CDU and OVHD. May you are intrested to develope a remote CDU or OVHD for the MJC Dash8 Q400
  6. Hi, i have a Little Problem. I`m using UTLive (FlightOne). I can reset Traffic with STRG + Shift + r If i`m using "record Keypress" in LINDA for this but the traffic doesn`t reset in Simulator. If i`m using this Keycombo with my Keyboard it works properly. Do you have an advice to fix this Problem?
  7. Hmm, i bought it today but i have trouble with the panel resolution. All panel caption are poorly illustreted. It seem that the resulotion for the panels not high enough. I`m using a 34Zoll TFT with 'UWQHD resolution 3440 x 1440. Any solutions? I checked my P3d cfg chapter panel resolution and test it with max reolution 4096 and 2048 and 3440. But nothing changed. How can i have support there?
  8. Lol, yes dream on.. I think its not a really business case for PMDG for this bird. They can`t sell this bird for 80 Dollar or more...:-)
  9. Thanks for reply. I will test it today. Actually i`m using "SimstarterNG".
  10. @joona_ I`m using a similar setup. But i have problems with saving this setup. At every new start (P3Dv4.2) i have to undock the 2D panels. If i try to use a saved setup with undocked panel`s i have only a black screen. Do you use a saved setup with undocked windows?
  11. Yes that would be a good managment. Most of the (me known) listed feature (except ACARS and Livery Manager) already exist in some Freeware project(Flytheworld or FSE). Where is the businesscase for PMDG? Who will pay for software which you can use (in parts) for free. Maybe its really a burner with a unique selling point. But i can`t see this. A good project management would release some smaple or demonstration Video`s in time with the announcement. But i can`t find any information here or at Youtube...
  12. My 2 cent: I`m disapointed. This was the great secret? Lol.... I`m using FTW (FlytheWorld) Most of the announced feature already exist there and its freeware. If i combine it with Active sky i have all the announced feature....
  13. There are already exist a very good economic simulation for the pmdg products! http://www.ftw-sim.de/
  14. Yes it is. I used a touch screen three Months for a overhead. But it is not the same like a real or Homecockpit part.
  15. I don`t know whats wrong. For exampel what i did: 1. Start FSX with default aircraft 2. Start LINDA 3. Start LINDA Tracer (Log FSX Control etc. enabled) 4. Reload all LVARS 5. Start all Console show "All LVARS watching started..." But thats the end. I clicking some spots at the FSX VC. Nothing is record by the console.
  16. update: I update LINDA and FSUIPC but the same problem (no LVARS will be tracked): memory location obtained ok deleted log
  17. Hi, i believe i need e little bit help. I tried to create a modul for a C-160 from JSS Simulation. I`m a absolut beginner in modul development for LINDA. For this i tried out how can i read LVARS for a standard aircraft at FSX. I`m using a test Pc with a FSX with absolut Standard konfiguration. (no AI Traffic no Scenery) only JSS C-160 installed and some freeware A/C. I load a B58 and LINDA. Now i startet the developer mode from LINDA. Klicking "start all" at . The console shows the following but it shows no inputs that i have do like taxi lights on or landing lights on. Whats happened? Where is my mistake?: Deleted Log
  18. It seems my problem is solved. I changed two things. I removed one of the boards. I changed the grd connection to one common ground for all switches. It works now. Thanks for your support and time. LINDA is a very great product for P3D and FSX!
  19. Hi, im looking for a JSS Simulation C-160 Modul. Default inputs like landing light etc. doesn`t work with LINDA.
  20. Thank you for your quick reply. i can send you the logs on Wednesday next week. Thank you very much
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