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  1. Hi everyone. Leo Bodnar sells a HID Interface for 128 inputs. How many inputs can be used max with WIN10 and LINDA? http://www.leobodnar.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=94&products_id=180
  2. I have the same issue. But on my MJ Account are only this availablew: 1.020a patch for MJC8 Q400 PILOT edition 64 bit. Issue 20.11.2017
  3. No, the other Aurcraft working propper. i test it on EDDK 23R and 14L . Landing with other aircraft without trouble.
  4. Hi i have a big problem with the C-130 (P3Dv4.5). during Approach i miss the indicator for the glide slope. Aircraft is setup with correct ILS Frequenz and course. AP Selector is set to ILS / NAV1 and i recieve the Morse code. I can see the correct working horizontal bar and AP is following ist. but the vertical bar is always in the middle. I Need a Little help.
  5. Hi I`m looking for a MJC Dash8 Q400 remote CDU and OVHD. May you are intrested to develope a remote CDU or OVHD for the MJC Dash8 Q400
  6. Hi, i have a Little Problem. I`m using UTLive (FlightOne). I can reset Traffic with STRG + Shift + r If i`m using "record Keypress" in LINDA for this but the traffic doesn`t reset in Simulator. If i`m using this Keycombo with my Keyboard it works properly. Do you have an advice to fix this Problem?
  7. Hi, at the moment i`m looking to buy a mcp nd EFIS for my 737NGX PMDG. I have some questions for your MCP: Is there a video available that i can see how it works under night conditions (backlightning etc.)? Are the MCP and EFIS on stock at the moment?
  8. Hmm, i bought it today but i have trouble with the panel resolution. All panel caption are poorly illustreted. It seem that the resulotion for the panels not high enough. I`m using a 34Zoll TFT with 'UWQHD resolution 3440 x 1440. Any solutions? I checked my P3d cfg chapter panel resolution and test it with max reolution 4096 and 2048 and 3440. But nothing changed. How can i have support there?
  9. Lol, yes dream on.. I think its not a really business case for PMDG for this bird. They can`t sell this bird for 80 Dollar or more...:-)
  10. Thanks for reply. I will test it today. Actually i`m using "SimstarterNG".
  11. @joona_ I`m using a similar setup. But i have problems with saving this setup. At every new start (P3Dv4.2) i have to undock the 2D panels. If i try to use a saved setup with undocked panel`s i have only a black screen. Do you use a saved setup with undocked windows?
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