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  1. clmarti01

    PMDG 737ngx

    I would like to receive help installing this software on my PC since I bought the software with PC Aviator DVD version I don't have access to the lately SPs directly from PMDG the closes match I found to my problem is like updating and reinstalling SIM connect installer doesn't work for me I installed several times with the same results. I do have the version of the software that is compatible with Steam It works on my other computer with Windows 8.1 without any problem I don't know on this its give me hard time. thank you ill wait for your response cesar
  2. clmarti01

    PMDG 737NGX Tutorial #2, page 66

    Hi I need help trying to complete tutorial # 2 I noticed that the auto fail light is on all the time and not able to shut off, also when I ignore that part at the end the MCP is blank and not able to enter setting to complete tutorial. Any sugestion what I did wrong. I have been following the tutorial carefully twice and still same results. I think I am start losing control when on the tutorial call for CDU , fs actions ground connections to remove ground power and the air conditioning unit. If you have same problem I would like to hear your coments. thank you very much Cesar Martinez
  3. clmarti01

    PMDG 737NGX Tutorial #2, page 66

    Hello everyone: Maybe happen to you before and I need your help. I have been trying to complete and follow the tutorials include it and I am having problems finishing the tutorial # 2 on page 66 ..."verified that auto fail and off sched descent lights are both extinguished.. " the auto fail still on from the point I cant enter our planned cruised altitude and the land altitude on the pressurization panel from the point I havent been able to complete the tutorial witch not able to setup the MCP etc. The autopilot is not available and everything else that goes with it. I think I start noticed problems as soon as I complete the part of the tutorial that request to disconnect the ground connection. from the point I getting lost on the tutorial and not able pass troughtout. I have been following the tutorial carefully to expect good results and with not success twice already. If you can direct me or help me what Iam doing wrong. Your help will be apreciated. Thank you Cesar Martinez
  4. clmarti01

    Issues running software with FSX

    Need help with running software in Fsx, I did all required to install software but doesn't work. I Installed again several times and apparently installation goes successfully but when I choose the 737 pmdg. Fsx crash and not able to recover until killed with task manager. All started replacing motherboard for a better gaming motherboard some time ago. everything worked well except some add-ons like Saitek controllers start having problems and 727 Captain never worked after replacing motherboard Since that I started having problems I decided uninstall all add-ons and fsx completely to start over and reinstall everything little by little but still I haven't been to successfully run software. Any suggestions ? thank you Cesar