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  1. Exactly, then this could be purchased by VA's, a bit like each VA purchases its own PIREP interface. Maybe IVAO or VATSIM could develop an ACARS, letting VA's use that system for their own use. I think that if any VA or network is able to implement ACARS, not just on the T7 but on other aircraft to, it would be a game changer. Regards Isaac
  2. Isaacelpiloto


    Thanks everyone fr the help really appreciate it. No, I haven't tried the tutorial flight, so I will do so. Just to note, this doesn't happen to me every time, normally everything works fine.
  3. Isaacelpiloto


    Hello fellow 777 pilots, It's not the first time it has happened to me but I star descending and suddenly I realised I have dhosen the wrong Star, wrong transition, etc. I start to waste time fixing route discontinuities. The aircraft starts to drift off its descent path, and I try everything (VNAV, FLCH) but it does not want to descend. So I end up arriving at the localizer at FL320 and ruining my flight. :(
  4. Isaacelpiloto

    VNAV descent problems

    Hello people: When I am flying, if I altitude interviene during approach, the aircraft will not descend.
  5. Isaacelpiloto

    777 freezing

    I've not being able to land on IVAO yet! I take off, and some point in the flight fsx just freezes. Really anoying when you have to explain to the controller why you're just hanging right in the middle of his glideslope. Does anyone know when a patch is going to be released???