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  1. Hello Keven, First of all it was happening on a just one preset: Aerosoft DHC6 300 WHEEL. This one, I created some months ago and I just reloaded 2-3 days ago (after formatting HD and re-installing everything). The rest of the presets are working Ok. After messing around, what I did was delete all the cameras (on board, static, outside)- of the Aerosoft DHC6 300 WHEEL, close simulator, reboot; and create, or import cameras. Now is working Ok. Thank you very much for your reply, Jordi
  2. Hello, I've got the keys: up,down, right, left, pagup and pagdown removed from the P3Dv4.3 And I am using Chaseplane 0.4.212 Then, in Preferences-> Control Assignments, the mentionated keys assigned to forward, backward, move right, move left, move up and move down. The problem I have is that the forward moves too fast, that's impossible to control, it goes outside the plane right away. The rest of the control assignments move smothly without problems. Any ideas why this odd behavior? JordiRab
  3. Hello Alex, Installing Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 solved the problem. Vielen Dank!!! Jordi
  4. Hello Alex, Folder "data" is not missing. How to check maps offline display? Windows defender and Windows firewall are disabled. I can show/hide the highs, but not the maps. I can see only a light blue background. Jordi
  5. Hello, I just installed LittleNavmap 2.0 in a second computer. I copied the database from the computer running Xplane 11 to this second computer, and both are connected trough Little Navconnect flawlessly. But, the OpenStreetMap is not shown on the second computer, not OpenStreetMap, neither OpenMapsurfer, etc. In the first computer (where Xplane11 is installed) is shown as usual. Any ideas? probably I forgot something very basic. Jordi
  6. Hello Alex, User waypoints are not implemented is Version 1.8.3, right? Anyway, thank you very much for your great job. Jordi
  7. Hello all, Where is the forum of the VFR flight planner? Months ago I remember to have writed a copule of posts there. Now, I don't find it anyware. Greetings Jordi
  8. Same here, waiting for the release 1.8. Adding permanent user waypoints would be very helpful. Thx for your answers Alex. Cheers Jordi
  9. Hello, -In the scenery library of the P3Dv4, I have FSAD_Approches1, FSAD_Approches and FSAD_Navaids -In the flightplan (*.pln) created with Little Navmap, after the tag <FlightPlan.FlightPlan> I see only the departure airport, the route waypoints and the destination airport (not the SIDs, STARs, approaches or transitions). Then, as Alex says, the SIDs, STARs, approaches or transitions are not stored in the flightplan. This means that I have to select manually the procedures manually in the default GPS. I will have a look at the fsAerodata forum. Jordi
  10. Hello Jabloomf, I already have a FsAerodata 3 months susbcription. When I check the P3dv4 in the FsAerodata Configuration Tool says: FLIGHT SIMULATOR NAVIGATION DATABASE: UPDATED Cycle installed: 1707 Valid from: 22/JUN/2017 To: 19/JUL/2017 Next cycle: 1708 20/JUL/2017 So, I think the P3Dv4 navdata is updated.
  11. Hello, I am using Little Navmap Version 1.4.4, AIRAC 1707 from fsAerodata, and Prepar3D v4 updated. I create a flight plan including SIDs and STARs with the Little Navmap flawlessly. Once is saved in c:\users\"name"\documents\Prepared3d v4 files\*.pln I load it witht the P3Dv4 Flight planer; but the SIDS and STARs does not appear. Not in the P3D flight plan, neither in the default GPS. Is it normal? can be done something to fix this? or, these procedures cannot be accesed by the default P3dv4 GPS? Thank you very much in advance. Jordi
  12. Thanks you for the updated information about this topic, I am not registered at the Flight Sim Labs forum.
  13. Now that Sim Labs A320 is availabe for P3D, is there any news about the FS2Crew for this plane?
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