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  1. harddisk_ripper

    Prepar3D v4.2 has been released

    Check on the bottom of the FS Global Real Weather product page: http://www.fly2pilots.com/Cms/Ui/Pages/Products/MainPage.aspx?id=253b8b5c-0a91-4935-8d01-b3c70aee6034&pageid=b769000e-6101-4815-9eea-b19eeedde129
  2. harddisk_ripper

    P3D v4.2 looping in loading terrain data

    Have you guys tried the workaround suggested by the FS Global Real Weather devs? The specific version mentioned is available for download on the page below and must be installed manually: http://www.fly2pilots.com/Cms/Ui/Pages/Products/MainPage.aspx?id=253b8b5c-0a91-4935-8d01-b3c70aee6034&pageid=b769000e-6101-4815-9eea-b19eeedde129
  3. harddisk_ripper

    Ugly / Weird Brown Ground Texture Issue

    Meanwhile I have found the eye-offending textures which are 136b2hw1, 136b2lm1 and 136b2su1. It seems that the FTX Global ones are probably identical to the original Prepar3D/FSX textures, but the night texture is definitely brighter which makes things much worse. I changed them back to the stock ones which is a small improvement, but still not great. Guess I’ll have to look into getting more airport addons… I assume your stock EDDF will look similar?
  4. Hello everyone It seems that I need the help of the community for this one, as hours spent on google did not show one similar issue. I currently run Prepar3D 1.4 with FTX Global 1.1 and REXE OD SP2. At night I get this weird bright brown ground texture surrounding buildings. This is usually visible at airports or sometimes even in cities and is always to be found around buildings. I have tried numerous reinstalls however was not able to get rid of the mars texture. The pictures show the buildings at Frankfurt EDDF (stock). I’m grateful for any hint you may share with me Many thanks and greetings from Switzerland harddisk_ripper