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  1. Thanks for the reply, I will give that a try. I think that will work for me and simplify my flight planning as well. Thanks again Stu!
  2. OOKK, I guess I will try some place else.
  3. Hello all I am a long time FSX pilot but I usually don't fly online as my schedule keeps me from knowing if I can sit for a full flight. That said I am trying to use Topcat with FSCaptain to keep things a little interesting. I typically fly the PMDG 737-800. I have been having some trouble for quite some time with the weights FSCaptain gives me and then getting Topcat to accept those wights. I have tried to follow some of the posts regarding this kind of setup but I seem to either be missing something or my base configuration for Topcat and FSCaptain are not matching. So here goes a typical scenario. I start FSCaptain to get my starting place today it is KSEA I have about 3 hours before I need to be someplace so I choose to fly to Juneau INT (PAJN) Payload = 31400lb Fule = 23200lb (not calculatd as payload in topcat) Passengers = 143 (x175=25025lb) baggage is configured for each passenger by default at 24lb for a total of 3468 I enter these into Topcat and I see that I am over weight by 172lb (Landing Weight 146472 lb 27.1% MAC) With a message along the bottom in red saying "Extra Load 172lb (Limited by LDW) Payload-Passengers-baggage=extra weight for cargo mail and other (in Topcat) Payload=31400-25025=6357 6357-3468(Baggage) =2889 So the way I would like to do this is split up 2889lb between cargo mail and other. But I cannot because my landing weight is over and TopCat won't let me do this So before I share my configurations for these applications my first question is how can I be overweight if Topcat is showing that I am only using 1/2 of the fule I could and less than full complement of passengers and very small amount of baggage. Topcat config as follows as best I can From Passenger & Baggage Weights Adult 175lb (i only use adults in Topcat so rest is moot and only scheduled flights) Domestic baggage = 24lb (I only fly domestic) Topcat Aircraft Data Boeing 737-800 Cabin Layout C12 Y148 DOW= 94779lb MZFW=136000lb MTOW=173000lb MLW=146300lb FSCaptain config for the B738 MLW=144000lb Absolute Maximum Payload=32000lb Fule Capacity=45900lb Now I thought I had everything set in FSCaptain to be lower than what would be accepted in Topcat but as from the above example you can see this is not the case. Any and all help with this is greatly appreciated and If I did something terribly stoopid well I will just apologies now . I have read this post and have entered the info and followed the instructions and tried to adapt it to my needs but I still seem to have failed. Lastly my apologies if this has been asked or if this is in the wrong area feel free to move it where it needs to be.
  4. Just wanted to purchase the expansion pack for the 737ngx but can not login, just wondering if that is being worked on and if so a redirect to "we are updating page would be nice" if not someone needs to fix that; I needs me jet. :smile: .
  5. NewtGS

    FS2Crew Stopped Working

    This may be premature but I allowed FS2Crew through the Avast firewall and I have been able to keep it alive through 3 reboots. I am letting it sit and will see how it goes. There were two entries for FS2Crew and I gave them "Allow" and "Home connection, friends" (or something like that).
  6. NewtGS

    FS2Crew Stopped Working

    I doubt it is the FS2Crew installer as it has worked fine for many many months without issue. I feel like it is something that has been changed. I also use Avast and I am sending you an e-mail to set up a remote desktop session.
  7. NewtGS

    FS2Crew Stopped Working

    I am having the same issues, after talking to support on the FS2 Crew website I received the same answer as above "I must have installed something" I told them I did not install anything, but then I remembered that I installed Active Sky Next Trial software. My computer also took some updates. I un-installed Active Sky, deleted all indications of Active Sky and I still get the message saying I need to install FS2Crew. I can un-install it at this point and reinstall but if I re-start my computer FS2 Crew no longer sees itself and gives the error message as indicated above. Actually at one point I installed and ran FSX only to see that it did not work. Backing out I saw once again the error message that I need to install it. I have my UAC off, ant-virus off, ran it as the administrator, re-installed PMDG 737NGX SPc1 and typically it installs just fine, I have even flown with it after install, let my computer go to stand by and came back later only to find the FS2Crew will not work displaying the "you need to install" message. I am starting to believe it has to be related to the MS update?? but I can not be sure. Last time I had a problem with FS2Crew it was caused by System Mechanic screwing up a reg file. I can only stab at guesses in the dark with this one. This computer is a dedicated flight sim computer and I do not install much on it that is not flight sim related. I just got doen re-installing everything after I changed my OS to a small SSD and have all my Sim stuff on a larger SSD.
  8. NewtGS

    Taxi Issue after landing

    This thread may be dead but the problem still exists for me. When I taxi out I get stuck in a left turn, I go out side to view the aircraft and see that my rudder input is being accepted as I can see the nose wheel and the rudder match my input but the jet continues on with a mean left turn(always a left turn). Tonight I will delete my CH Manager and calibrate with FSUICP. I have not done this as I thought I read somewhere not to use that to calibrate the input devices for the 737NGX, probably mistaken I will have to look at the install guide again. This is a relatively fresh install so I hope I do not have to do the dance again. I am flying the PMDG737ngx, with CH Product rudder peddles, Rex essentials, Active sky, ORBX PNW, ORBX SWA, ORBX PF, SimPhysiX, Friction, PC Booster, REX Lattitude. i5370K, nvidia 660oc gtx, 8gig mem, 3 tb storage, OS on 64gig SSD, sim on a 128gig SSD. In a day or so I will try to post back my results.
  9. NewtGS

    Smoking Breaks even at parking gate

    Hehe, well no one said I was the sharpest tool in the shed and my spelling certainly proves that. Good thing I can read a bit better than I smell. The link to the other post would probably cover what I see, as I like to fly out of PANC a lot I see a lot of wet runways. Which is probably why I noticed it in the first place. Thanks for the reply, and I'll try to keep my smoke breaks confined to the lavatory. NewtGS
  10. NewtGS

    Departure Breifing question

    Thanks but that won't be neccissary, I thought my saying "are you ready for the departure brief" that would start the AI captain start his pre recorded brief, I did not know I was to make my own brief. I feel a bit silly now. Again thanks for all the help. newtGS
  11. NewtGS

    Departure Breifing question

    Ok so is the captain suppose to go into his speech after I ask the "are you ready for the departure brief? If not all is well. If after I ask the question the captain is suppose to go into his departure brief then some thing is wrong. I have asked after PF Main and before the pre flight cl and I have asked after the pre flight cl he always responds to me but the captain does not give his side of the brief when I ask. So I am led to believe I give the speech and there is nothing wrong or the voice pack takes over when FO says he is ready for the brief and there is something wrong. Either way it is not a big deal if I have to push a button to start the brief. When I tested my ability to give brief I stated to set RTO to 2 which he did not do so unless I am saying that wrong FO needs to hear the brief from CO. I have asked if he ready for the approach brief and same thing occurs she responds to me positively but CO says nothing unless I again press the button. I have reinstalled everything from scratch, only used fsx, pmdg737 ngx and fs2crew and tested with same results. So I have to say thank you for the input but seems as though I give a brief FO does not listen to or I push button and CO gives his brief.
  12. NewtGS

    Departure Breifing question

    Ok starting to narrow it down I know I have been random in when I ask. That was going to be my next question because he does answer me with " I'm ready for the brief" on both the departure and approach. I have the flow sheet and have read it many times (really) but slow minds make for slow going;) Thank you for your support I'll post again my success or failure. NewtGS
  13. Hello, recently I noticed something that looked like low level clouds passing by my right side while just coming in to park the 737 for the night. it was light out and I took a look outside and saw that there was smoke or vapor or some kind of thing that looks like that coming from the aft landing gears. I was stopped and thought that is strange. The next day I took a flight and was passing by some mountain ranges so I thought I would take a screen shot and saw the same sort of smoke or vapor coming from under the jet, this was not contrails, as it was visibly below my jet just about where the gear would be if it were down. What this really looks like is how the gear might produce a water spray on a wet tarmac. This does not affect flight that I can tell, and is not always present, some flights do not have it some do. Weather does not seem to be the reason as sometimes when I take off on a wet runway I see the vapor splashing up but when gear is retracted there is no sign of this vapor. Some days when I take off when it is dry the vapor stays with me the whole flight. I am running some modules such as FSX booster, Sim Physics X, REX essential Plus, REX latitude, and FS captain. I have disabled all of these and I still see the vapor, could this be native to FSX or a PMDG 737ngx bug? I do not see to ever see it in the PMDG 747, but could be wrong on that one. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. I have included a screen shot of the situation while parked. Ok well I guess I can not attach or pate a photo here, just imagin cloud like vapor just kind of blowing the direction opposite your jet would be going if traveling forward. The vapor displays this tendency even when parked, if I pause the sim and look outside I see the vapor dispersing in a 360 degree pattern, very even in all directions.
  14. NewtGS

    Departure Breifing question

    For the sound I am using a headset and I do hear the FO talking througout the setup procedure, he responds to all I ask exept for the take off briefing. That said I believe what I say is "Are you ready for the departure briefing" so I will try asking what Max suggests. I know that if I am not exact in what I ask I will not get a correct response if any, but I thought I was aksing correctly however I will ask next time I am home shortly. Um wait thats right I am on my way to Anchorage at the moment from KSFO. I will try the approach breif question. I believe Max may be correct though, as I do not aks it that way. Thanks for the answers and when I get it right I'll post resons so we all know for sure. NewtGS
  15. NewtGS

    Departure Breifing question

    Well I have not tried asking for the approach brief, usually I am head down trying to enter the ILS info among other things because topcat gave me the wrong RW info and I forget. I will take a short flight and ask next time. When I ask for the departure brief I see my words come up in the green text box but 1st officer does not reply. So I end up using buttons. Wondering if any of my other addons are affecting it. I have Ultimate Alaska scenery, REX Essential, FSX Booster and Sim Physics X, i use topcat for loadout but enter it manually except I do push the loadout into the kneeboard. I have tried many times to ask for the departure brief to no avail, perhaps because I used a buttoned action it now expects me to all the time? Grasping at straws now I know.