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  1. Hi, I'm a part time F/I on the iPILOT B737-800 based in Dubai. Based on what I observed the best recommendation would be: 1. Pick an airport and surroundings you know well. 2. Do a basic FMC set-up - nothing fancy just do enough to get to the V speeds and an arrival runway for the selected airport so you have a reference. 3. Go fly a visual circuit. This usually takes 10-15 minutes but fly with a/t initially engaged keeping the speed under 250 kts. You can disconnect it before the approach. 4. Think about the headings you need to fly before you take off! 5. After that do some approaches - same airport or different if you wish I get experienced Sim guys asking to to Kai Tak during their first session but if you don't have a feel for the controls - especially speed management this is a big challenge and most (not all) fail to get the approach correct. I hope you enjoy the experience - where are you flying? Kind regards, Chris