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  1. BelizeFly

    Incorrect panel state of saved flights

    Hi Mike. I finished the tests. Putting ".FLT." in the saved panel state files that were missing that part of the suffix fixed the files and the saved flight then worked fine. Then I ran the flight from scratch, not starting from the saved "Ready to taxi" file I had started all the others from and the result was a clean save with ".FLT." in the suffix and the files working fine when loaded. Your idea of a corrupted starting file was correct. Why it left off the .FLT. for all saved panel states when in the air but not on the ground I'll leave to programming experts; your ideas were right on and have saved the day. Thanks so much.
  2. BelizeFly

    Incorrect panel state of saved flights

    Thanks, Mike. Starting with a fresh flight, not a saved start as I've been doing, sounds like a very good idea. I'll let you know after I've run the tests. Much appreciated.
  3. BelizeFly

    Incorrect panel state of saved flights

    When the flight is loading, a few seconds into the load there is a click and the Cold and Dark panel state loads. You can see that the panel was going to load properly, but then the Cold and Dark state takes over. The saved panel state files that work (all on the ground - pushback, taxi, etc.) end with FLT and work. The ones I saved in the air do not end in FLT and, as you say, don't work. So that may be the issue, but why would they save without the suffix? I am going to try to load the panel state from the CDU. I have to refly the flight to do that test since I didn't save the panel states earlier. Yes, it's the "some yes, some no" that's baffling. But now we see that the FLT ending is missing.
  4. BelizeFly

    Incorrect panel state of saved flights

    Mike, I reported incorrectly to you earlier. The three panelstate files are there in the FSX/PMDG/PMDG 737 NGX/panelstate folder. Now I have to wonder why they don't load normally.
  5. BelizeFly

    Incorrect panel state of saved flights

    FSX is in its own folder under C:\. I have saved flights on the Tutorial #2 route just as you say, with FSX save, and they work fine. This PDX to SFO route seems to behave differently. I'm going to give the Panel State save a try, but I don't know what the problem could be.
  6. BelizeFly

    Incorrect panel state of saved flights

    HI Mike, thanks for the response. The files are not there in panelstate, probably because I had only saved the flights in FSX. Should I save the panel state in PMDG for each flight saved? I am careful to close and restart FSX for each flight, as the PMDG installation guidelines mention. Thanks for the menu button tip.
  7. I have saved various stages of a PMDG 737NGX flight from PDX to SFO - ready to pushback, ready to taxi, ready to T.O., TOC and TOD. The saved flights on the ground restart fine; the ones in the air all start Cold and Dark, not good at altitude. The CDU does not show any panel state available - it's blank. However, the Tutorial #2 saved segments all work fine, including panel state options. I don't understand the difference. It's frustrating because the only way to practice the approach to SFO is to fly the entire flight. But it works fine on the Tutorial segments. Any ideas?