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  1. the aerosim boeing 787 is a very great aircraft for having easy flights would be cool if MCE could support this nice aircraft cheers
  2. That's so much true. I have purchaced MCE 3 weeks ago, and since now I have reported two bugs which they quickly fixed and the fixes will be included in the next version. I also had a feature request for blind pilots, not only they implemented it, but they provide a quick patch to fix that part. Awesome team
  3. Hello, I believe this bug is similar to the aerosoft airbus one that I recently reported. MCE cannot change the ILS and course setting on the pedestal of level-d 767. me: Set nav 1 109.9 copilot: affermitive setting nav one, 109.9. me: nav one ident on copilot: No stations identified. or, copilot: We're not getting a signal on this frequency. i'm also at the range of ILS. in fact, i'm sitting at the airport which frequency i'm trying to tune in. Hope that this bug gets fixed. thanks.
  4. Hi Thanks. i'll get on it sometime. I might just get a friend over teamviewer to turn on the "Always cold and dark" thing. Do you happen to have scripts for pmdg ngx? it would be awesome if there was a place which people could share their scripts -if they wanted to-
  5. Hello. I was looking to reset Aerosoft airbus extended to cold and dark.
  6. Hello Wow, I think that'd be a hard thing to do, things will mess up if I forgot one thing right? Thanks for replying anyway voxscripts are cool. I'll get a sighted help to make some for me. Cheers Hadi
  7. Hello, I'm looking for MCE commands which would set my aircraft to cold and dark. I couldn't find any in documentations. Is there any commands for this purpose? thank you
  8. Hello, There are two bugs regarding PMDG 737 ngx. 1: If you tell your copilot to set your virticle speed to a negative number, (eg on descend) he will set it to +6000 no matter what you say. me: Set virticle speed minus two thousand. co-pilot: setting virticle speed minus two thousand. (sets it up to +6000) I have to do the command for the second or third time for him to do the action and bring it back to negative. sometimes, he will set Vspeed, but forgets to push the Vspeed button. bug 2: the buttons like, (speed hold, altitude hold, approach hold, track hold) If you tell your co-pilot to turn them off, he always says that they are already off, while they can be either on or off. (it's like that he always considers them as off) but if you command him to turn them on, he will press the button. if you command him to turn it on again, he presses the button and it will turn off. so, in theory, the turn off commands does not work at all, and you have to use the engage/set on/turn on commands to switch them on and off.. me: track hold on co-pilot: roger, track hold, activated now. (he turns it on.) me: track hold off. co-pilot: "track hold, it's already off captain" or "track hold, already disengaged" (he does not do anything and the switch remains armed) me: track hold on co-pilot: roger captain, track hold, engaged (he turns off the switch) IS there any possibilities for this bug to be fixed? or it's because the way that pmdg switches work. I'm a blind pilot, and it's very annoying because I have no idea that if either these switches are on right now, or off. Thank you.