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  1. Bryan Unfortunately not, my problems are not solved. I followed all your tips: 1. I uninstall Fs2crew and PMDG 777, then clean all PMDG 777 files in FSX file. 2. I reinstall pmdg 777 and fs2crew 3. i launch first FSX with little airplane (ULM) then i change to PMDG 777. 4. I choose short range in the panel load of FMC BUT ALL ISSUES REMAIN, namely enability to call: Pre flight checklist ("parking brake is not set") after tkoff checklist (" gear is not up") Landing checklist "speed brake is not armed" Even when i take off, the mode in the main panel don't shift from "takeoff" to "initial climb". So for the moment, I shift manually the modes, skiping the checklist steps. All this is not realistic and does not allow me to enjoy FS2Crew. I am desperate by all this issues. To remove all doubts, i confirm that i bought my pmdg 777 in the site "pré". Pending solutions by you or others users. Thanks
  2. patrick7

    V1.1 soon?

    Hello Bryan, For the V1.1, please can you introduce the possibility of removing the left seat to better fit a realistic cptain view with Ezdoc camera. Thanks.
  3. Hi Bryan, I 've the same problem with parking brake, but also in two others phases: 1. When calling After take off checkist, the software say "gear is not up", even if in the Eicas and in position external view the gear is really up. 2. When calling landing checkist, it says " speedbrake is not armed", even if the indication "speedbarked armed" is in the Eicas. Please HELP. Cheers