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  1. Hello all - I have just purchased FSX:SE and noticed that I had to redownload from my order page for my aircraft to work on this, I downloaded and installed but it doesn't seem to be working. Nothing in the cockpit works, no buttoms, no FMS, I also noticed when I use the keyboard shortcut to activate parking brakes the parking brake lever doesn't move but I have the red text saying it is on, I have reinstalled but nothing seems to be working. I have submitted a ticket but hoped I could get some help here. Regards Sam Wilkinson
  2. Wilki

    Out of control climb.

    I think he maybe having the same issues that I had when I first learnt how to fly the PMDG 737. What I did was as soon as my gear went up I activated autopilot, VNAV and LNAV which wouldn't activate untill a few hundred feet higher so he thinks it active but it actually isn't and is just flying with no autopilot. Not sure if that IS the issue but it's worth a try.