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  1. thanks guys i actually got it to work by trial and error probally not the correct way but it worked
  2. still does not answer or help me in how to fix the coast lines in my scenery creation , how to remove default coast line that show through .
  3. i tired sbuilderx the tutorial shows how to do it for an island and i dont quite under stand how to do it thats the issue :(
  4. Ok im asking for help on this one as i am having major problems and have tried everything so far i can think of . Ok the problem i am having im working on photo real so far i got the .BGL file done along with the watermask and blendmask its complete there before i start adding the autogen to it and models i need to clean up the areas where the default is showing up around the shore lines due to the default not being in the correct location . i tried to follow the tutorial that is out there for using sbuilderx but that shows how to do it with an island and makes really no sense to me tbh . My question to you all is there a program or what can i do to get rid of the default that is showing in this scenery in the image below Thanks i guess what im asking is there a program or easy way to get rid of that by exluding it some how ?
  5. cpward

    Tongass Fjords X?

    Works great for me as well .
  6. Hello , Ok the question i have is there a program that will package all the models up and textures so i don't miss something when packaging a scenery so that i can share with the community ? As i use ADE , SbuilderX and Instant Scenery 3 . thanks