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  1. Hi guys, trying to find someone with my graphic card (NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX/9800 GTX+) who has no AA problems with DX10/DX10fixer ! Please contact me ! Thanks.
  2. Guys you know what...loving it now with DX10. Although the flickering/edges/bad working AA is still there i can now use FTX Global / UTX Europe / REX and all my other addons with max. graphic-settings and it looks great. I never thought of being able to fly with these high settings with my old PC. A real pleasure to fly areas around the Alps and no stuttering with the 300S Extra aircraft so far.
  3. So i tried it now with a fresh install of FSX (Acc. Pack) to exclude the possibility that the enhanced-autogen downloads could cause the problem but no luck, no improvements. Here's my short video with the problem i'm talking about, just as an example: KORD: flickering red tower (all default, only applied the DX10fixer, used recommended settings from Jim) around 0:32 min and thereafter the flickering trees (ignore the stuttering it came from the recording software). Unfortunately it's hard to see in the video despite FullHD :-/ http: // www . youtube.com/watch?v=hPY-F4KwUMQ
  4. I recognized that the flickering becomes less the nearer i am to that area. So maybe there is a setting increasing the radius for it, i don't know. Another guess from me, i downloaded from Avsim "fps enhancement package" and "fsx enag" and "fsx enag2" for enhanced autogen. Maybe this can be a problem for DX10 ? Unfortunately i didn't make a backup of the original FSX-files so i will deinstall it and check it with a fresh FSX.
  5. Now i tried all your recommended settings but i only got "improvement" by lowering the Texture Filtering - LOD Bias DX1 to a negative value. But that makes things unsharp and is just fixing the flickering (lets call it almost non-working AA/AF) only a very little bit. It's not gone. So unfortunately the DX10 is not working well for me regarding AA/AF. The increase of performance is in vain then.
  6. I will give it a last try today. First i will try Jim's ideas and then yours. Hopefully it will work better then. So thank you very much for any suggestion to lose the flickering/shimmering.
  7. Thanks for your effort Paul but i don't get an improvement using your recommended settings. Flickering/shimmering is still there and doesn't change. Will switch to DX9 again. I've got no flickering/shimmering in DX9-mode. I won't buy new hardware only because of DX10.
  8. Hi guys, i got the DX10fixer v1.1 and now switched from DX9 to DX10. I've read this thread today and tried to fight that annoying flickering (in english i think the right word is shimmering ?) but i couldn't win the fight yet. I tried a lot of combinations within the NI but no luck. Don't have the best hardware but it worked well with DX9, no shimmering/flickering of fences, houses, trees, lines etc. Here's my system: http://www.sysprofile.de/id177452
  9. Kontio

    VASFMC 2.1 Fuel Bug ?

    Hi guys, to prevent the freezing of vasFMC in the event of Fuel Planning: blank FMC: 1.) fill out the required fields on INIT 1 page (dep/arr, F.nr,CI,FL) and press Align IRS 2.) go to INIT 2 page, click LSK1R to receive ZFW data and after this click LSK3R to receive your Fuel Planning amount, click LSK3R again to confirm 3.) enter your flightplan and so on... So the solution is only to have the departure and arrival airport in your flightplan, no waypoints and no sid/star. Works perfect for me without freezing. Bye, Kontio