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  1. Hi! I'm new at this forum, but I really really need your help. I have an Asus K53t laptop with two GPU's, Radeon 6480M and 6650M, so, I installed, by Catalyst, the latest RADEON drivers, and as far I can see only the 6480M used the 13.9 drivers, the other one used 8.901. Of course, my FSX stop working, black screen loading the game or closes in flight by a "fatal error" At first I tried to uninstall the 6480M drivers with the original drivers, 8.901,letting windows doing that, terrible mistake, my laptop stopped working, for example, windows explorer closes, music programs stop working, videos imposible to watch, so I did a restauration. Again, the 13.9 drivers only on my 6480M graphic card. Then, I tried to uninstall the 6480M driver as the tutorial here explains 13.4, and I saw both GPU's using those drivers!!!!, everything was excelent but I noticed something going wrong, I have an external monitor for playing (23') and when I started windows my monitor went black so my laptop screen, and I had to do a hard reset many times because both were black, even if I unplugged the external monitor. I read that my problem was a bad GPU driver, so, yes, restauration point again. My laptop works excellent, even if I play Battlefield 3 or Crysis 2, but I have this problem with my favorite game ever..... Here is a description of my laptop: AMD A4 Vision Radeon 6650M 6480M. 8gb Ram DD3 Windows 7 Someone with fresh ideas for a noobie??????????? Thanks in advance. (Sorry for my not too good english, I'm half german, half mexican)