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  1. frankee234

    GTX 970 Noise

    +1 on the MSI Gaming GTX970 4G, no coil whine on mine. The fans actually turn off on low load.
  2. frankee234

    Range check error, UI problems (v2.5.5)

    PM'd you, Scot.
  3. frankee234

    Range check error, UI problems (v2.5.5)

    Merry Christmas, Scot! Yes, it does report 10 devices, all are virtual devices, two are virtual joystick and mouse of my logitech G13, 2 are virtual joysticks made by FacetrackNOIR. I will try to remove them and report back. Meanwhile, I tried 1.13 again and "SliderFillPanel" was still there, so it's not 2.5.5 related. I would however, want to get rid of the range check error and the button highlights. Will post again. Hi Scot, It actually worked! 1. Uninstalled Virtual Joystick (did not need it anyway) 2. Disconnected Logitech G13 (but for some reason HID device was still in device manager if it works with it on, better!) 3. Fresh install of 2.5.5 Thank you!
  4. frankee234

    Range check error, UI problems (v2.5.5)

    Hi Scot, It's okay, Scot. I appreciate the effort of all of you guys! Yes. I have 6 devices connected. It stays when I click the scroll arrow. It actually "scrolls" with the joysticks down there. Yes it does work. But assigning buttons is a pain because I do not get the usual highlighting of the button number when I press a button. It does go to the appropriate joystick page though.
  5. Hi, It seems a lot of other users have not encountered this, so there might be something I'm doing wrong. Background: Linda 2.5.5 Prepar3d v2.4 Module does not matter, intended to be used with Q400 Module 1.2 Mostly Saitek Pro Flight stuff, CH rudder pedals, W7 x64 Stuff tried: 1. Reinstalling FSUIPC 2. Restarting computer 3. Tried "standalone" 2.5.5 installation, not overwriting 2.5, the previous version. Problem: I get a dialog box that says "Range check error". Everything actually works but trying to click any device in the joystick tab makes the mentioned error reappear. Also, when I press a joystick button the button number to the left does not highlight (making assigning specific commands to buttons guesswork). I noticed "SliderFillPanel" text at the bottom of the LiNDA window, covering some of my device selection buttons in the joystick tab. Everything worked when I was using 2.5. However, I'm very eager to use this because I get to use new features such as multiple shifts for my saitek yoke and fixed shift unsetting. Thanks! Frank