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  1. 2700k, asus p68gen3, intel670 The machine runs for a couple weeks, and then locks up. Six iterations so far. Nothing will dislodge it, not even repair or Acronis disk. The people who built it have taken it apart and put it back together. No change But take the Crucial SSD and put it in another machine - it works fine. When it locks up, it gives an A2 (IDE detect fault) error notice on the motherboard. Is there anything to be done short of reinstalling Windows, which will wipe out FSX? And will reinstalling Windows even fix it? Any help would be very much appreciated.
  2. Is the GTX 970 noisy running FSX? Noisier than, say, the GTX 670? Has anyone experienced the dreaded coil whine?
  3. Thanks, Paul. Concise and articulate. I hope this gives people courage in the face of all this chaos....
  4. I am still uncertain as to how to reinstate the original shaders if that becomes necessary. I understand that it would be necessary to 1) replace the original shader files, and 2) remove the Allow_Shader_30 instruction. Do you still have to change the Shader_Cache_Version number and restart the sim in order to re-compile? And if so, what do you then do with the Shader_Cache_Version instruction - remove it?
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