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  1. Erebus

    "My NGX won't autoland" and related issues

    Yeah, running on last revision. Had a very decent landing just now, in Denver. (KDEN). Or, the landing was okay, I think the NGX can be unruly in descent at times. Guess I'll just keep flying, thanks for the tips EInar T
  2. Erebus

    "My NGX won't autoland" and related issues

    Thanks, Michael. And again, sorry 'bout the spam. Einar T
  3. Erebus

    "My NGX won't autoland" and related issues

    and if someone could tell me how to delete my spam topics, that'd be great too. Einar T
  4. Hi! The last few days, I've been having some issues autolanding my NGX. I've been flying with the FSCaptian demo and PRO-ATC-X active, always doing a CLDDRK startup from the The airports I've been having trouble at are KLAX (ILS7R) and KRNO (Or CYYC, I can't really remember). There's no problem setting up the VNAV and LNAV, I capture the localizer and G/S just as usual, have the ILS frequency and CRS plotted in both autopilots, but still, it won't autoland. The two problems manifested in different ways: On the first one, in Reno, when I activated the second autopilot, the first autopilot disconnected, and vice versa, and I had to land manually. The second one, at LAX yesterday, both autopilots activated, but the annunciator didn't change to CMD as I decended, and at apprx 400ft, the PFD said "No Autoland". I took matters in my own hands, and safely brought the herd down on the ground, and I don't mind doing so, but I don't like the plane to behave in ways I don't understand. Also, I noticed some anomalities when I plotted the HUD on those landings. It didn't activate ARM Axxx, like stated in Carsten's otherwise splendid checklist. I was thinking this might be a clue to what's going on? If anyone would be as nice as to explain to me the different modes of the HUD (and different landings autolandings and autoland modes, or "not" autoland modes,) or link me to an understandable explanation, It'd be great! So if anyone can help me understand, I'm gratefull! Einar Tryti
  5. I have a camera issue! Suddenly, when I press space, the mouse can't be used to control the view anymore. Seriously frustrating! It registers the press (the pointer changes), but when I move the mouse to the border of the screen, nothing happens. What should I do? Flying PMDG NGX, happened when I mistakenly pressed shift instead of tab and entered KPDX. Tried to reverse engineer it, didn't work. PLEASE HELP