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  1. Erebus

    "My NGX won't autoland" and related issues

    Yeah, running on last revision. Had a very decent landing just now, in Denver. (KDEN). Or, the landing was okay, I think the NGX can be unruly in descent at times. Guess I'll just keep flying, thanks for the tips EInar T
  2. Erebus

    "My NGX won't autoland" and related issues

    Thanks, Michael. And again, sorry 'bout the spam. Einar T
  3. Erebus

    "My NGX won't autoland" and related issues

    and if someone could tell me how to delete my spam topics, that'd be great too. Einar T
  4. Hi! The last few days, I've been having some issues autolanding my NGX. I've been flying with the FSCaptian demo and PRO-ATC-X active, always doing a CLDDRK startup from the The airports I've been having trouble at are KLAX (ILS7R) and KRNO (Or CYYC, I can't really remember). There's no problem setting up the VNAV and LNAV, I capture the localizer and G/S just as usual, have the ILS frequency and CRS plotted in both autopilots, but still, it won't autoland. The two problems manifested in different ways: On the first one, in Reno, when I activated the second autopilot, the first autopilot disconnected, and vice versa, and I had to land manually. The second one, at LAX yesterday, both autopilots activated, but the annunciator didn't change to CMD as I decended, and at apprx 400ft, the PFD said "No Autoland". I took matters in my own hands, and safely brought the herd down on the ground, and I don't mind doing so, but I don't like the plane to behave in ways I don't understand. Also, I noticed some anomalities when I plotted the HUD on those landings. It didn't activate ARM Axxx, like stated in Carsten's otherwise splendid checklist. I was thinking this might be a clue to what's going on? If anyone would be as nice as to explain to me the different modes of the HUD (and different landings autolandings and autoland modes, or "not" autoland modes,) or link me to an understandable explanation, It'd be great! So if anyone can help me understand, I'm gratefull! Einar Tryti
  5. I have a camera issue! Suddenly, when I press space, the mouse can't be used to control the view anymore. Seriously frustrating! It registers the press (the pointer changes), but when I move the mouse to the border of the screen, nothing happens. What should I do? Flying PMDG NGX, happened when I mistakenly pressed shift instead of tab and entered KPDX. Tried to reverse engineer it, didn't work. PLEASE HELP
  6. Erebus

    Reading the PMDG/Boeing documentation

    I think 55$ is a bit stiff, at least for now, but I'll keep it in mind I'm getting a general overview now over both the FCTM and the FCOMv1 NP section, and find that the compliment each other pretty nice. It definitly seems like the FCTM lays the groundwork for the FCOM. But another question: When I start at the preflight checklist in the NP section, what state does that assume the plane is in? At the end of the shutdown procedure? Or at the end of the secure procedure? Or some other state entirely? Einar Tryti
  7. Erebus

    777 Go around uncontrolled climb

    Thanks for all your help, I'll definitly try this later! Einar Tryti
  8. Hey, guys! I just bought the PMDG777, after flying the NGX for about six months (wanted to cross the pond). I'd say I have a reasonably good "feel" for the NGX, and the T7 is growing on me. I've mainly used YouTube as a learning source, but I feel more comfortable reading. I think the documentation that came with the planes is truly intimidating, but the more I fly, the more I feel a need to read them more thoroughly. I've read parts of it, mostly normal procedures, fmc-messages, tutorials and the introductions. What I'm wondering is how I should go about reading them, primarily in what order. The FCOM1 with the normal procedures seemed like a good place to start, considering the "fundamental" nature of the normal procedures, and as a way to get on the wings quickly. But reading them, it seems they require quite some implicit knowledge. I'm thinking now that I probably should start with the FCTM. What I'm wondering, is if anyone has experience, good reading tips etc. for getting a good routinge for reading these volumes, where I should start, what's absolutely necessary, what can wait etc. I'm also wondering when the real flight crew use the different volumes, and for what, during training and flying. In advance, thanks! Einar Tryti
  9. Erebus

    777 Go around uncontrolled climb

    Hey, guys, thanks for answering! Both answers were helpful. @Hank David: How did you manouver back to intercept? Did you use autopilot and entered the waypoints from the charts to make a route in the RTE seciton in the FMC? Or did you fly manually? At this point, I'm not a better pilot than that I am very able to fly a predefined route without problems using the automated systems, but when things don't go as planned, I'm not sure wether, or how to, use the automated systems to cope with the situation, or wether, or how to, fly manually for the rest of the flight, or just parts of it, using some or none of the autopilot systems. Is this covered in the PMDG/Boeing documentation? In that case, where among those 4-6000 pages? Again, thanks! Einar Tryti
  10. Hey, probably a silly question, but you guys in here know about everything, so I'll ask. I had to do a Go around over KJFK in my new 777 (first trip over the pond). I've never had to do Go arounds before, and I understood nothing. I just pressed TO/GA, and the plane proceeded. I just waited it out, curious as to what would happen, but the plane just kept on climbing and climbing against FL200, the annunciators just showing TO/GA TO/GA. The boeing procedures wasn't much help, and I ended up ending the flight. Anyone know a good detailed tutorial for TO/GA in either the 777 or the NGX, preferably text and not preferably video? And especially how you return to the airport. Would've been a dull day for my passengers. In advance, thanks Einar Tryti
  11. Erebus

    FMC invalid waypoint entry

    It worked. You guys are heroes. Einar
  12. Erebus

    FMC invalid waypoint entry

    Hey guys, thanks. I now think the problem is my outdated Airac. I have 1108, but I didn't realize i'd have to update it. So next question: How do I do that? I can't post a screenshot, it says I'm not allowed on this community. So next questions: How to post images? And how to update Airac? Einar
  13. Erebus

    FMC invalid waypoint entry

    Hey! I'm planning a short flight in my NGX, and found my route on rfinder. The route is: ENGM SID NUVSA Z125 RBU STAR ENVA It's no problem entering from engm to nuvsa, and then onto z125, but it won't accept RBU as the final waypoint. I see in the FMC that it'd rather prefer a five letter waypoint (The five open boxes), but I wouldn't know what the last letters in the RBU waypoint would be. Any help would be appreciated. I know rfinder isn't the hottes planning tool, but for now, it's all I have. Thanks, Einar Tryti
  14. Thanks for the help! Einar Tryti
  15. Erebus

    I am new - please help!

    Terribly sorry, I believe I have broken the first rule. I can't change my signature before the 14th, so until then, I'll just manually sign with my name. If there was any other rule I broke, i'd be happy to change my ways. Einar Tryti