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  1. Skyspin

    P3D V3 Compatible

    Just purchased P3Dv3. I got the 1900 working by downloading from the site of my original purchase (over 2 years ago) and installing that way. Looks great!
  2. Skyspin

    Interesting Thing Just Happened at KATL

    CoPilot's first career landing... Joe
  3. Skyspin

    Carenado Beech 1900D review

    I think it's great that likes and dislikes can be posted here and we can see different perspectives. I personally love flying this airplane and am very happy with the graphics. I use it extensively on the Vatsim network as Great Lakes Aviation (GLA) for commuter flights and Ameriflight (AMF) for cargo runs. I did get rid of that annoying 500 foot callout and what I would love to see is the passenger view out the window moved one seat up so that instead of just looking down the wing one could see the props turning, the engine profile, and still have a wing view. Is that possible? Joe