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  1. Kling92

    ASN for P3D wont open

    So this is intresting... both the P3D and FSX version of ASN works in Windows safe mode. What does that tell us?
  2. Kling92

    ASN for P3D wont open

    I downloaded prepar3d from their website yesterday so it already contains the hotfix. I have tried both the latest stable and beta versions with the same result... Now I have realized that the same issue goes for the FSX version. Keep in mind that there are no error messages or anything like that. I simply cannot run the program. It does not start when I click on it... i have filed a ticket to HIFItech but they take forever.
  3. Kling92

    ASN for P3D wont open

    So I tried both but none works Installing as admin didnt help
  4. Kling92

    ASN for P3D wont open

    I downloaded it today from simmarket its B5589 I will try B5660 (the latest beta for P3D and report
  5. Kling92

    ASN for P3D wont open

    I installed P3D for the first time today on a brand new build system. I also installed Active sky next for P3D. The installation went fine but when I doubleclick on the icon to run ASN nothing happens. No matter how many times I try on the shortcut or in the root folder.. I reinstalled, no help. I passed ASN through the firewall but nor that helped. ASN does not show up in the task manager nither. It simply doesnt react when I try to start it. Thanks for your help