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  1. Hello, I use FSX on a windows 8 Toshiba laptop and I have to say I didn't even expect the game to open but it runs actually really well and I can cram up tthe graphics settings and it still runs well. The only problem I have is with changing the simulation speed on long flights. Because I don't want to sit in front of the computer for ten hours, I normally change the simulation speed to 16x after reaching cruising altidude and the autopilot has been engaged. The problem does not occur when I change it to 16x but when I change it back to normal speed. About 60 seconds after I changed it back to normal speed, no matter what I do or what situation I'm in in the game, the game freezes and I get that dreaded 'FSX is not responding' message. I've tried everyhing. I've tried saving before and after I change it to normal speed then exiting the game and repoening it, I've changed the graphic settings, I've even played around with the game's compatibility settings but it still crashes approx 1 minute after I change it back. Has this ever happened to anyone out there? Is there a solution or suggestion you know of that may fix the problem? Thank you so much I appreciate any help you may have!
  2. qwertyytrewq01943

    Which plane makes the most money on Air Hauler?

    Thanks for the suggestions i appreciate it. I have downloaded an An225 and it has more cargo capacity than the 777LRF so I am currently saving up to buy one because leasing one will put a big dent in my bank account each month.
  3. qwertyytrewq01943

    How do you plan an accurate transatlantic flight in FSX?

    Thanks for responding. I have looked at the flightaware site in the past, but how do i input the waypoints into the flight planner in FSX?
  4. Whenever I fly transatlantic flights from Miami to London for example and I click High Altitude airways it takes me on a route which heads south for about 2,500 miles to a place between Africa and South America, then it turns sharply North to London which makes the route a lot longer than it should be turning a flight which is 8hrs 45min in real life into a 13hr sometimes into a 14hr flight which is inaccurate. Sometimes when I fly from KJFK to London it takes me to Alaska and then sharply turns to London instead of taking me directly across the Atlantic Ocean. It is also tedious and annoying to drag the line onto the intersections, waypoints, and VORs that would make it look like a more realistic route. Is there a place I can download more realistic routes or any addons to FSX which fixes this? Thanks
  5. I'm looking for an addon plane for FSX which will have a large cargo capacity for Air Hauler, which would make a lot of money. I have downloaded a UPS 777LRF from Simviation and it has the largest cargo capacity I have encountered so far on Airhaluer (111,000 ILBS!) It has job offers ranging from $300,000 to $1,000,000. I have searched for numerous other aircraft which can carry more including various 747s, A380, and even the 747 dreamlifter. They all cost a ton more to buy and lease than the 777LRF but none of them, surprisingly, has a higher cargo capacity which means it must be inaccurate because I do not understand how a Dreamlifter has a lower cargo capacity than the 777LRF, that thing is huge! Does anyone know of any freeware aircraft that has a higher cargo capacity or which gets higher job offers than the 777LRF I described and where to download them? Thanks so much! any help is appreciated!