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  1. Hi Bert, I'm the old/new "kid on the block" - just registered. I bought the Carenado C-210 about a year ago and have looked for updates/fixes for the Carenado on their website but found zero help -- but now I have hope since finding this helpful forum. I would dearly love to try your VC light remedy. Please send a copy to . Much obliged! Also you may have noticed with head lights switched on there appear 4 lights, the normal two and the abnormal two lights displaced about 6 feet.... in the tower view this is annoyingly obvious. None of the default airplanes do this. Is there a fix for this? In the RW I have over 400 hrs in a turbo 210 and love every minute flying it. FL200 and above no sweat with the TSIO 550 cranking out 310HP. Also found the 210 to be a very stable IFR platform. But it requires careful monitoring of throttle (manifold pressure), prop (RPM) and mixture (fuel flow). Carenado mostly failed to understand this correlation between this three inputs. I wish they had asked for some RW pilot input on engine management. Oh well ..!!! Sure would love to massage those aircraft config files to closer emulate RW engine management .... Thanks again for helping, wolfneil