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  1. Hi, Is there anybody that could send me the folder "panel.cfg" of the Duke B60 in RXP 530 version? Actually, it works with the basic GPS500 Thanks
  2. Hi, when i am trying to type a FPL in FPL menu, i recieve this message from Visual C++ Debug Library: Debug Assertion Failed! Program: C:\\\\\Prepar3D.exe File: fprinf.c Line: 55 Expression: (str != NULL) Help?
  3. Hi, with A2A aircrafts and with their installer program (i do not tinker any thing), the 430 works fine, and the 530 freezes after few second. All time, since i bought your GPS, the 530 have this same issue. Not solved, today.
  4. Hi, i tried your proposal: no reflexion and the texture adress. If i write texture=$C340_GPS_N, the knobs do not respond (not the small hand). Always black screen for the 2 window et VC. The native Carenado GPS 530 works well. I recall you that i fly with P3D v3. the C337 is installed with the P3Dv3 installation program. My A2A planes work very well with mindstar GPS. all the panel.cfg texte: //********************************************************* // CARENADO C337 SKYMASTER FSX // Copyright © Carenado 2011 - All Rights Reserved //********************************************************* [Window Titles] Window00=GPS Window01=Manual Window02=Control Windows Window03=INFO //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window00] Background_color=85,80,80 size_mm=520,378 window_size_ratio=0.732 position=7 visible=0 ident=11013 window_size= 0.362, 0.491 window_pos= 0.024, 0.481 zorder=15 gauge00=MPI_GNS!GNS530, 0,0,520,378,1:2:11013 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window01] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=1000,1000 window_size_ratio=1.000 position=0 visible=0 ident=793 window_size= 0.440, 0.773 window_pos= 0.520, 0.040 zorder=0 gauge00=C337Manual!manual, 0,0,1000,1000 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window02] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=581,153 window_size_ratio=1.000 position=0 visible=0 ident=796 window_size= 0.321, 0.150 window_pos= 0.020, 0.170 zorder=5 gauge00=CCTTS!Control_windows, 0,0,581,153 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window03] file=info.bmp size_mm=345,157 window_size_ratio=1.000 position=0 visible=1 ident=142 window_size= 0.161, 0.116 window_pos= 0.020, 0.040 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Vcockpit01] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=512,512 visible=1 pixel_size=1024,1024 texture=$RadiosC337_N gauge00=RadioC337!RadioAudio, 0,0,292,65 gauge01=RadioC337!RadioCom2Nav2, 0,180,291,115 gauge02=RadioC337!RadioTrans, 0,370,300,74 gauge03=CCTTS!DME_screen, 0,68,268,108 gauge04=RadioC337!RadioAdf, 0,294,300,75 gauge05=CCTTS!GEM6, 297,0,214,211 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Vcockpit02] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=256,256 visible=0 pixel_size=1024,1024 texture=$C340_GPS_N gauge00=MPI_GNS!GNS530, 0,0,256,186,1:1:-1 [Vcockpit03] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=512,512 visible=1 pixel_size=1024,1024 texture=$RadiosC337_1 gauge00=RadioC337!RadioTrans, 0,370,300,74 gauge01=CC337!ALTqnh, 370,0,20,20 [Vcockpit04] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=512,512 visible=1 pixel_size=1024,1024 texture=$RadiosC337 gauge00=CCTTS!Toggle_GPS, 87,28,348,260 Day=255,255,255 Night=21,120,107 Luminous=200,200,101 [Default View] X=0 Y=0 SIZE_X=8192 SIZE_Y=3500
  5. OK! I changed the order of 2D window: no result disapointed, it (C337)is the plane with that i want to work my GNSS pocedures...
  6. Hi! Thanks for your quick reply. I just tested your proposal. F406: all work exept for the 2 circular knob in VC Panel: push fonction do not change COM/NAV at left, do not light cursor at right.They work in 2D window. The rotate action works for the two knobs. C337: I had allready tested your proposal, without success. The screen stay black for the two panel VC and 2D window. (i, off course, switch batt and avionic knob, the other instruments are alight)
  7. Sorry, i can't do work the GNS 530 in the Carenado F406 et C337. Could you correct these panel.cfg section: F406: [Window02] Background_color=8,8,8 size_mm=524,378 visible=0 ident=10020 window_size= 0.310, 0.370 window_pos= 0.650, 0.060 no_luminous=1 zorder=7 gauge00=GPS530_3D_CF406!GPS_530, 0,0,520,378 gauge01=CF406!ToggleCAR530, 64,0,384, 32 [Vcockpit01] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=1024,1024 visible=1 pixel_size=1024,1024 texture=$Panel_1 gauge00=EFD1000_CF406!EFD1000Config, 0,0,10,10 gauge01=EFD1000_CF406!EFD1000_pfd, 0,0,514,1024 gauge02=CF406!Toggle_EFD, 0,0,512, 64 gauge03=GPS530_3D_CF406!GPS_530_3D, 512, 0, 510,372 gauge04=GPS530_3D_CF406!GPS_5302_3D, 512,373, 510,372 gauge05=CF406!ToggleCAR530, 512, 0, 510, 32 gauge06=CARSound_CF406!CarSound, 0,0,5,5 C337: [Window00] Background_color=85,80,80 size_mm=520,378 window_size_ratio=0.732 position=7 visible=1 ident=794 window_size= 0.362, 0.491 window_pos= 0.024, 0.481 zorder=15 gauge00=GPS_530_3D_337!gps_500, 0,0,520,378 gauge01=CCTTS!Toggle_GPS, 85,28,353,264 [Vcockpit02] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=256,256 visible=0 pixel_size=1024,1024 texture=$C340_GPS_N gauge00=GPS_530_3D_337!gps_500, 0,0,256,186 [Vcockpit04] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=512,512 visible=1 pixel_size=1024,1024 texture=$RadiosC337 gauge00=CCTTS!Toggle_GPS, 87,28,348,260 Thanks
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