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  1. Hi, Is there anybody that could send me the folder "panel.cfg" of the Duke B60 in RXP 530 version? Actually, it works with the basic GPS500 Thanks
  2. Hi, when I install the GNS430 from F1, i lost the sound of switches. Anybody, could says me how to fix this issue?
  3. Merci pour votre réponse rapide. J'avais déjà essayè cette méthode, mais avec la version 2.1, qui n'avait pas marché non plus. J'essaie avec la 2.2. Information: La version light du garmin ainsi importée, ne fonctionne pas, intrinséquement. Peut etre que cela n'est pas important pour la gauge RXP
  4. Hi, after the garmin light installation, the screen "please wait while setup install XP garmin GNS V2...etc" freezes and the installation abords. Could help me ti fix this issue? [edited to remove personal information]
  5. I have installed Herve Sor's navaid update files but uninstalled them. Is there any pb further?
  6. Hi, when i am trying to type a FPL in The FPL menu, after a few waypoint, i receive this message of error from the MS visual C++ Debug Library: Program: C\\\\\Prepar3D.exe File fprintf.c Line 55 Expression: (str != NULL) and GPS freeze and P3D crashes Help!
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