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  1. Let's hope it ;-) it would ne the best present I ever had become ^^
  2. In the Virtual World it is the Same like in Realworld ok the 777-200 in Real wasn't Perfect as it comes on the market the Same Thing is here it isn't Perfect but it needs Time to fix it ;-) Boeing it selfs has bring out an upgraded 777-200 After more Then 1 1/2 Year. Until Today the Real 777-200 isn't Perfect there is still work to do Too. The Dame Thing it is here the First Version might ne Not Perfect but it will ne Never Perfect there is work to do a lot of years. So don't cry that it is ###### or Not perfect. It is a Long Long Process to make Things Perfect. I know that Better Then you think. So First think Then Talk ;-) Simulation is the Same like Reallife ;-)
  3. You have on the 15th?
  4. I see that many of you are really frustrated but good Things Need Time. I wait more Then 3 years for a good T7 for FSX and I enjoy my T7-200 it's working and flying. So I can wait for the -300ER and the SP1. Sure I Would appriciate it when the New -300ER comes out at my birthday next Month but when Not it is ok ;-) Enjoy what you had and don't be frustrated ;-) Greetings ;-)
  5. PMDG772L/R

    19JAN14 - 777-300ER and 777-200LR/F SP1 Update

    Sounds Great can't wait to fly the 300ER it is an awesome Aircraft and I really like it. PMDG you are Great congratulations for all your hard work.