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  1. jfblake

    MSE2 Boston coastal issue

    I love MSE scenery even though there are a few glitches. There are two problems identified at the beginning of this thread by bernd1151: Problem 1 - FSX default scenery shows through MSE photoreal scenery where water is masked. There seems to be no immediate solution. Thanks SimSavvy (Larry) for taking the time to write a detailed explanation. Problem 2 - MSE Massachusetts is showing through the MSE Boston scenery at the coastline (See Bernd1151's third photo). The Massachusetts scenery has green foliage, and the boston has none due to the different seasons when the photos were taken. I find this far more distracting than the FSX scenery showing (problem 1 above) since every patch of water has a green foliage "halo" surrounding it. Is there a solution to eliminate this problem? Why does the MSE Massachusetts scenery bleed through the MSE Boston scenery? I would expect that they use the same water masks? My only short term solution is toggle the scenery options on and off depending where I am flying. This tends to be a problem for me since my home airport is KBED which is on the western board of the MSE Boston Scenery. @SimSavvy: Any ideas on how to fix problem 2? Thanks Larry for all your hard work... GREAT PRODUCT! You've made FSX far more fun to fly!