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  1. I want to start using the paint kit from PMDG. I know Photoshop has a 3d feature, is there a model of the 737 I can use and check my paint job without having to load FSX?
  2. Being is PMDG does not offer a printed manual anymore I am thinking about going to Staples or Kinkos and have them print it out for me, My question is this, on the bottom of the pages it says "do not duplicate" is that meaning not to copy it or is it just something they threw on there to make it seem like a real airplane manual
  3. Is there a way to tell from the external views how many feet I can go back then left or right before hitting the terminal?
  4. I'll reinstall it. See if that works. Not sure if it makes a difference or not but I am reinstalling from when I got this about 2 years ago
  5. So I just got my system updated and went to download the 737 liveries and the PMDG site says I can get them through the operations center app. I looked and don't have that. Any ideas on how to get it?
  6. This is just a curriosity question. When planning a flight, what do you all use? Do you use FSC (or simular product if there is one) or do you use the flight planner in FSX and program that into the fmc. Just wondering
  7. My question is for all out there that do multiple stops, For example, I take off from BaltimoreWashington international and want to fly into Miami with a stop in Charlotte. Do you program the FMC for just Charlott first and whe you land and at the gates go ahead and program for Miami? Or do you just put the whole flight in with Charlotte as a "To" in the route page? Just wondering what everybody does and if they know how real world pilots handle this.
  8. OK, I thought that's what it might have been. Thanks
  9. Every so often when I go to do my engine start up I will get an "engine fail' on one engine. I checked the quiick reference handbook and one of the steps is too " motor the engine for 60 sec. ". That's after N2 decreases to 20 % and I put the engine start switch to ground. What does motoring the engine mean?
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