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  1. Dobs.22

    Save game

    I would add to this a reminder for a functionality that would allow to save a flight as a video clip. I think the I. F. team was working on that. Do you guys have an ETA on this one? Thank you, SD
  2. Dobs.22

    comments on latest updates

    Giorgio, Agreed on all. I also admire this team for what they've accomplished and I am sure they will consider the points raised here, as I've noticed they welcome feedback. I'm also thinking maybe the size of the device may impact directly on the performance; your 10" tablet has about twice as many pixels to process than my 7" Galaxy. Possibly this plays as a factor too, and maybe this is why I'm not seeing the same scale of the problem. But, I agree, you should be able to run the the app on the 10" tablet nice and smoothly, as this the actual size that allows the best bang for the buck. I hope you will a more helpful input from somebody more knowledgeble in these things. Cheers, Dobs.22
  3. Dobs.22

    comments on latest updates

    Hi Giorgio, The chopiness or stuttering could indeed spoil it for most anybody. It is a big issue. I wonder though, if you didn't make any other changes to your device (other than updating I.F.) and you are not running out of RAM so if the problem is not specific to your conditions, more users should report the same change. We may see that in this thread, as people start adding input, it will be interesting to see. I can't have a good input, as I am so new to IF that I don't have a good "before"reference. I have noticed occasional stumbling on my Samsung tab 3, but not too often, not enough to become really annoying or a show stopper. But, yeah, I agree this can be a biggie. It's like having an expensive car you like a lot, then getting it enhanced with all kinds of gadgets but replacing the wheels with some that are not perfectly round :-) Dobs.22