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  1. More planes and more variety of planes, with cockpits, to be installed on our current MS flight installations, and I'd already be very happy. If they added new sceneries and planes parked at airports, I think I would be set. Now if you'll excuse me I'll go shed a few tears over the screenshots of those unreleased planes for MS Flight.
  2. commenting the last update: New 737 cockpit looks great, except for the clipping artifacts on the main lcd displays, at least on my Samsung tab2 10.1. The new revised Cirrus looks great, except for the lack of a pilot and the fact that the front gear is fixed, only the wheel hidden in the fairing steers left and right but the fairing itself stays fixed. Obviosuly this cause the wheel to cut through the fairing when steering heavily. Also I just noticed there seem to be more markings drawn on the runways, and now there are rotating beacon lights that signal airports? I don't remember noticing this kind of stuff before. Finally I was really disappointed to notice that they reserved that beautiful US Air Force livery to the "bonus" 737-700 BBJ instead of giving it to everyone on the free 737-700. Free with 20 purchases? yeah right, if you buy all the variants of every paid plane and what else, all of the barren wastelands of the add-on sceneries? I suppose Paris, London, Florida and NY don't even have decent mountains in them to make them slightly interesting. Add a few buildings already!
  3. No edit button for posts? by the way, back to topic: Just in the last few days I noticed that as long as you add a few knots of wind and\or wind gusts It's fine. I usually try a landing. take note of the bearing, than go to weather settings and set a few knots of wind around 90° relative to my bearing, to spice things up. No problems after landing, with the couple of planes I tried to do this. Also adding some turbulence (not too little) adds some shaking even when flying with autopilot on, feels more like realistic.
  4. new refreshed Cirrus looks stunning, but still lacks a pilot. what a pity
  5. new cockpit for the 737 brings new clipping or z-buffer clipping artifacts on its instrument panels on My Samsung Tab2 10.1 (while my lowly smartphone with a mali400mp graphic chip doesn't show any such problems at all). It looks much like what I already posted in the pictures on the 1st post of this thread. I suspect the new 737 cockpit might actually be different from the others in respect that perhaps it's meant to be upgraded in the future to have functioning displays, or at least illuminated displays for night\dawn\sunset flights. That I'd love, but I'd prefer if that wouldn't cause all sorts of graphic bugs on some devices -_-
  6. As I spent a bit more time with the game lately, now I can say I was wrong to think it was wind related. As far as I can tell the nose down attitude happens at different combinations of speed and altitude regardless of any wind setting. Sometimes it's just about try and speed up or slow down and the plane goes back to flying parallel to the ground. All in all I could understand the nose-up attitude would happen when the plane is struggling to keep altitude with too little throttle, it made sense. What I didn't foresee was that it would fly nose down If I tried to keep a selected altitude while flying (perhaps) too fast. Don't know if this happens in real life too, or perhaps it's just how the physics of Infinite Flight work.
  7. I thought a dedicated thread for this was in order. Enjoy. Now, this is a paid plane, a bug like this? It shouldn't happen. It's quite about time this thing gets fixed. Calling Boeing and ask them to fix their planes to look like this is not an option, of course ; D
  8. To add to the list of suggestions: strobo lights and nav lights illuminate the runways in all of the time settings bar noon, why not do the same with landing lights!? I think it would be great plus the graphic effect is already in the game code.
  9. Now this is a bug in a 3d model but, let's put it in here anyway. Anybody here has the 767? Well if so, you might have noticed a misplaced pillar in the frame of the winscreen on each side of the cockpit. It's visible from external cameras as well as from cockpit camera, just try looking left and right, you can't miss it. For a paid Hd plane it's just wrong. I hope it gets fixed asap. I might add a screenshot later if needed.
  10. I have seen a few screenshots of the revised Cirrus on FSD facebook page and, as the topic title says, I hope they put a pilot in it. Small planes and the fighters offer a clear view of the cockpit, and they just look wrong without a pilot in them. Look at the little Cessna, the only1 with a pilot in it, how big a difference it makes in replays. Anybody in here agree with me on this?
  11. wind was actually set at 0 knots ...but turbulence was set on light, just tried switching that off, and the 777 I just tested seems to be able to fly straight again. I get the feeling wind and turbulence are not the best simulated features in IF. btw thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
  12. Indeed. I tried adding some wind to enjoy some landing in crosswinds, but had to switch it off for that exact reason. Approach was kind of fun, but the moment the plane touched wheels it was uncontrollable.
  13. flaps at 0º. I might post a screenshot or 2, one of these days. I'll try with all the jetliners I have and see if there are any exceptions.
  14. Why don't they have it? When are you going to add autopilot to these planes? It would really come in handy if you added it, cause their throttle sliders are such that a very little movement, which is hard to get right even on a 10' screen on a tablet, makes a big difference in speed and that makes it pretty hard to land these planes nice and clean.
  15. In brief: I noticed when flying with autopilot on at a fixed altitude and speed, the planes tend to fly with a nose down attitude, noticed this with the jetliners. It looks a bit weird, as it looks a bit like what a helicopter would do. I expected a plane at a fixed altitude to look parallel to the horizon, am I wrong? With the hud camera on I can see that for the aspect mark to be at horizon level the --v-- marking is infact below the horizon.
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