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  1. Thanks for your support. No windows 7 for me, and no plans to update anytime soon. So I guess I'll just lose something when Flight goes offline.
  2. I was just going to post the log from my failed attempt to install the latest version of your toolkit, but then I just read these last few posts. Me too I'm using win XP on my pc and I do have net framework 4.5. Installed all the latest updates available on windows update for .net and windows xp, hoping it would fix the problem, but it didn't. So does this 0.7 version of the toolkit allow us to save our profile details on our pc? I was worried to lose stuff when Flight goes off-line for good. By the way I have Flight on Steam with everything except the Zero and the P40.
  3. every time i play MS Flight I feel the need to express how much i like it, and how sorry I am it's been killed off so early in its life. Lucky you I don't come here writing about this as often as I feel to. Again I came to see if there's any progress in the add-on department, gaze at those screenshots with add-on planes that may or may not ever come to us, and I was thinking it would be great even to just have some more planes parked in the airports. Would that be possible and\or easier to do? As far as I know so far there are just 3 UH60 parked at Hilo, perhaps a couple of rusty wrecks in 2 other places. Are there any other stationary planes parked anywhere in the game? I'm really looking forward to any piece of news about any development going on for Flight. Just one last thing I wanted to point out that might have caused part of the failure of Flight, the default free planes allow no instrument navigation. When I got the 3 deluxe DLC planes I was very glad to find that you could set navigation and instrumental landing instruments, they make the game so much more enjoyable. Landing with low visibility, strong crosswinds, perhaps at night, and still making it safely to the runway, it's just great.
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