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  1. jango

    New MSE 4x

    no longer need Ultra-Res Cities, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando and Tampa ?
  2. jango

    RJOO SID ASUKA4 errors at PMDG 777

    Hi all, Thanks for all your reply and Advice. I have received a message directly from PMDG that they will discuss these different results between NGX and T7 with their programmer. I hope that I can tell a new positive message next time. Or maybe get a results directly from PMDG here ? Thank you, PMDG regards Kazuo
  3. jango

    RJOO SID ASUKA4 errors at PMDG 777

    I just checked Navigraph forum. It was seen a few interesting Advice. It is your advice DJ. Thanks a lot. regards Kazuo
  4. jango

    RJOO SID ASUKA4 errors at PMDG 777

    Thank you for all your reply. Did you also tested with the PMDG 737 NGX.? Always enter your Flight Plan on the runways? Also, I've tested Aerosoft Airbus A320 and Level-D 767. the result is identical to 737 NGX. ND displayed identical path. I start at the ramp and after take off from 32L Runway all three aircraft (NGX, A320, LVL-D767) followed correct SID path. It means that all 3 AC fly / take the left curve, except the PMDG 777. That's why I wrote this topic. Is it a bug of 777 FMC ? Could someone analyze this? Thanks. regards Kazuo Attachments a320 + lvl-D767 screenshot.
  5. jango

    RJOO SID ASUKA4 errors at PMDG 777

    Sorry, English Is not my native language. 1. I have been asked to Navigraph, and got his answer. Please see first post above. 2. I use exactly the same latest AIRAC 12/14 for NGX and 777 3. I entered exactly the same flight plan in the FMC for both AC. 4. Nevertheless, unfortunately both of NDs show different SID path? This is my problem. !! I hope you have now understood. I attached two NDs(NGX & 777)screenshot here and hope works this time. brgds Kazuo
  6. jango

    RJOO SID ASUKA4 errors at PMDG 777

    Hi Thanks for your response. I will try. I have two screenshot attached, unfortunately can not be seen. Sorry. brgds
  7. jango

    RJOO SID ASUKA4 errors at PMDG 777

    Hi Thank you for your response. This problem already existed since FS9. Of course, with fix data could at the time eliminate them. But since FSX with the NGX also LVL-D no longer have this problem. It can simply enter SID data in FMC, then automatically goes correct left curve. Why can not this latest model 777? :blink: If possible, I would like to know exactly. Please someone from the PMDG might reply this. I've attached two screenshot. Thank you RJOO DEP Rwy 32L SID ASUKA4 NGX 777
  8. hello I have a problem with the PMDG 777 ND. For example RJOO to RJTT. ( ASUKA-SHTLE-Y71-XAC-Y233-PQE-Y108-KAIHO ) Departs from the RJOO, is taken as SID ASUKA4. Normally, fly left curve, as PMDG 737 NGX and also of course do real Airliners. NGX ND show exactly SID for ASUKA with left curve. Unfortunately 777 ND indicates not as NGX, goes right curve. :blink: Although the same AIRAC12/14 and Flight Plan use. This problem applies not only to me, also my friend too. I have provided first at Navigraph same question. I enclose his answer below. It is very nice if you could give me an advice. OS WIN 7 64bit Thanks. :rolleyes: { by navdata » Thu Nov 13, 2014 4:04 pm Hi strange, but I guess two things - user problem or bug because both PMDG addons use one and the same database. I have looked into the RJOO file: Code: Select all SID ASUKA4 RNW 14L TRK 142 UNTIL 500 FIX ASUKA AT OR ABOVE 5000 RNW 14R TRK 142 UNTIL 500 FIX ASUKA AT OR ABOVE 5000 RNW 32L TRK 322 UNTIL 500 HDG 071 INTERCEPT RADIAL 101 TO FIX ASUKA FIX ASUKA AT OR ABOVE 5000 RNW 32R TRK 322 UNTIL 500 HDG 071 INTERCEPT RADIAL 101 TO FIX ASUKA FIX ASUKA AT OR ABOVE 5000 TRANSITION SHTLE FIX SHTLE You see, there is no left or right instruction, 14L/R goes direct to ASUKA (which is a fix left after takeoff - so the a/c must turn left as expected) and 32L/R the same (intercept to ASUKA fix, which is right after the take-off - the a/c should turn right). So, the instruction is clear in my eyes. Again, these lines will be used by both PMDG addons 1:1 - for the NGX and the 777, there is no difference. Possible, that PMDG has an answer of this strange issue ... when you get an answer, please share it with us, when possible! Thank you, Richard }