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  1. sbarnes

    Help with flight plan extras

    Thanks guys . . I appreciate the info and pointing me in the right direction. I should be able to get this sorted out now.
  2. sbarnes

    Help with flight plan extras

    No one is using flight plan extras? Can anyone tell me what to expect after I hit the "save" button in flight plan extras?
  3. Hi all, I am using P3Dv3 and the latest version of VoxAtc. I build my flightplans with Simbrief. All Airac cycles are up to date I am loading a flight plan into P3D thru flight planner. I then go to flight plan extras and load the flight plan there, check the box for no vectors, select a hold, select a flight plan to divert to, then click save at the bottom of flight plan extras box. When I click the save button the save button goes dark and nothing else happens. Should I be seeing something more than this? Should another option come up such as "save as" to save the plan? The only other option I am seeing is to close. After doing the above steps I try to fly the flight plan but I still get vectors for an approach instead of the approach I had set up in the flight plan. Also if I press 0 during the approach I am not seeing any other options to select for an approach except visual approaches. Thanks for any help or pointers, Shane