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  1. rusty61

    Just Flight Traffic Global (Early Access) Available

    Installed fine for me but Ai only show up at some uk2000 airports. EGBB and EGLL barren. those it does show up at just sit at the gate and never move inc default airports. There are AI flying around though. Strange but Early Access.
  2. rusty61

    Question on stutters

    Thanks for the input guys. I understand that stutters cant be eliminated entirely but cant understand why the frame rates remain the same whether the sliders are maxed out or dragged to the minimums. More curious than anything. I would have expected the frame rates to hit single figures with everything up high. Regards Steve.
  3. rusty61

    Question on stutters

    Hi all, Recently moved to P3D v4 System Specs i5 4690k oC to 4.2Ghz 8gb ram Nvidia 750 Ti 2Gb Ram running 2 monitors. 1 for a panel. Win10 64bit PMDG 737NGX Orbx Scenery UK2000 airports GSX Without causing another great debate on the dreaded stutters, just one question really. I can have all sliders maxed out and achieve on average 25fps. With micro stutters. I can move all sliders to the minimum (or anywhere in between) and achieve on average 25fps. With micro stutters. So the question is "How come". I appreciate I push the system but I would have expected at least a frame rate increase if not less stutters and yet to all intents and purposes the same results. Visually. Any advice on possible solutions or possible hardware upgrades. Thanks for any advice. Kind regards Steve Frame rates unlocked. If locked with or without Vsync down 10 around 12fps
  4. Hi all, I am trying to migrate to p3d v4 from FSXSE. I use 2 monitors, one for main display and second for Aft panel in PMDG 737. In FSX I can drag the panel to the second monitor and then resize it to hide the sides of the panel showing the background. So the sides slide off the screen and are hidden allowing full size of the actual panel itself. Now in P3D when I resize the panel and slide it to the centre of the monitor the background at the side appears back on the main screen. Is there any way to stop this in P3D. In FSX the panel only reappears onto the main screen as the cursor doing the dragging moves across from second monitor to main monitor. Difficult to explain but hopefully someone will know what I'm on about. Many thanks for any help. Kind regards Steve.
  5. rusty61


    According to your profile you logged in at 7.12 am. Did you manage to? nothing shows as you being banned. Your anti-virus isn't being spiteful is it?
  6. Hi all, I cant seem to get this version to run. The link with FSUIPC is established and then Ai Controller is starting or resuming...... Imediately a window pops up stating Ai Controller V 2.0 has stopped working. All I can then do is close it. Running on networked Win 7 32bit. V1.4 works fine Any ideas would be appreciated. Many thanks Steve