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  1. henningv

    Alarm horn for auto pilot

    Hey im new to pmdg 777/200 When i turn off the autopilot the alarm horn sound how can i turn off the horn sorry my english im not english 😀
  2. henningv

    FSX Steam and Payware issues

    i have ifly 737NG its works 100% on my computer and F1 DC9 to
  3. henningv

    FSX Steam and Payware issues

    MJD8 Dont work and they know it, my 747 400x knobs dont work on steam all other thinks works fine sounds and light flaps and so on sorry my english
  4. henningv

    Cargo Doors

    oki ,thanks for your help i will seach in the manual :lol:
  5. henningv

    Cargo Doors

    how can i open nose and cargo doors,i have try PMDG menu to config. doors and cargo doors, i use keybotton 12345678 but nothing happens :wub:
  6. hey i just paid for the 747-400 x when i press the intall i got a message i have a newer version of FSX,when i press ok to than and will vallidate i got a new message like this your usser info could not be validated this most likly caused by your firewall please can any help me to fly this bird i just had pid for sorry my english