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  1. This is intended to be more informational than a complaint-in-nature or need for help. I have found, at least on my computer system, WHY PMDG aircraft keep disappearing from my installed library (Control Panel). I have an Alienware 51 R5, and it has with it something called "Support Assist". It helps with keeping the System clean and running at peak efficiency (supposedly). HOWEVER, one of the things it does inadvertently is remove installed PMDG aircraft from the list of installed programs. Meaning, you won't see them in the installed programs list, and PMDG Operations Center won't see them, either. Though, I can still fly with the aircraft, regardless of this unfortunate circumstance.

    The only remedy that I know of is to RE-INSTALL the aircraft again. This enters them into the Ops Center, registry, and list of installed programs again. This process takes from 15 - 30 minutes, and requires me to reactivate the FS2Crew panels (just in the Panel.CFG, not the entire program), which is a minuscule amount of time.

    I don't know WHY this program is messing with the PMDG entries. I just know that it DOES. Perhaps a resolution can be found in the future. Since I don't have the ear of either groups of people, I am not sure how a solution can be found.

    I have repeated / recreated this process now 3 times.

    System: Windows 10 64bit Home, Alienware 51 R5 i7 9800X @ 3.8 GHz (OC 4.5), 32G RAM, Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080

  2. To whom this concerns,

    I have been using flight simming programs for a great many years, and the enjoyment that I gain from the hobby is often influenced by the many add-ons from talented and dedicated people. I just wanted to extend a very heart felt and kind word of thanks for continuing a project that may have been lost if you hadn't picked it up. I have little to offer than my words of praise and thanks, but I humbly ask you to accept this and remember that you are making a positive, and productive difference in many lives, including my own.

    Thanks for what you do. PTA is enjoyed.

  3. Interestingly, I got SOOOO frustrated with this process that I clicked on, and held the mouse button and moved the window when the installation update began. To my astounding amazement, while I literally held the window with the LEFT mouse click, the install update completed, and correctly, 1-144. I don't know computer programming. I don't know WHY this worked, but it did. Thanks for the comments. Maybe this reply will help. (sorry for the LONG delay in a response, I work a lot). Cheers

  4. I have downloaded and installed the 747-400 v3 ...9193 version. Loading the Ops Center it says there is an update to .....9195. I try running the install update option. It gets to about 9 of 44 files, and the window closes. I have also installed the 747-800 v3 version, and updates install correctly. I have tried running as Admin, disengaged the antivirus software, and it won't install the update. NOT to mention, downloading the main installer is still 9193, NOT 9195. What do I have to do to get the update to install?

  5. I wanted to take just a moment (amongst ALL the wonderful and inquisitive questions everyone is posting while trying to learn as quick as they can about the NEW 747 QOTS v3 Boeing aircraft) to say a VERY heart-felt...


    ! ! ! THANK YOU ! ! !


    I am sure I will have plenty of questions, as many do now, but before I read ALL the accompanying documentation that comes with this 747 aircraft, I wanted to say how easy the install went.


    1. The Navigraph install 1702 installed as it should (for me, I deleted the Navdata and SidStars folder-contents to avoid conflict). Did exactly what it was supposed to do. No out-of-date FMC messages.

    2. Updated the Ops Center and aircraft installed perfectly after the updates were installed.

    3. Had to update AS2016 - the sky has never looked as good as it does from the 747 v3 captains seat (woo!)

    4. VAS is amazingly low considering the details in this aircraft! The visuals are stunning!

    5. The SOUNDS are absolutely the best you have brought to the sim-platform to date (IMHO). Sitting with sound-canceling Bose headphones brings this to such a level above all others.

    6. The liveries available are stunning. Compliments to those who took the time to make the detailed paints.


    To sum it up, I am quite happy with this product, just minutes after "opening the box". Thank you, and please let all those involved know WE are grateful for all their hard work.

  6. I have been out of the loop for a while, but isn't it standard ops now to keep the cockpit door shut? Obviously the door would have to open at some time, whether for the fuel loads, manifests, etc. But, in general, does the door simply stay open/shut until pushback?

  7. In Real-Life, we did a family trip to Anchorage, Alaska (PANC) from Houston, Texas (KIAH), non-stop, years ago. I believe, a 737-800. Regardless, it was roughly an 8.5 hour flight, at around 2900 nm (though Simbrief rates the flight at 7.5 hrs). Let me tell you, it obviously made the flight-distance, but for the passengers, cramped, not fed, and only feeding peanuts was about the dumbest and worst flight of cramped--ness I had ever experienced with any airline (as well as the longest, for me). The scenery below was stunning. The flight was in late June.


    If I were to do this flight again, I think I would rather go out of Seattle, than Houston, just to shorten the flight. It was uncomfortable, and I felt cramped the whole flight. Not to mention, no food is just ridiculous for an 8.5 hour flight. I never knew these small planes could be so versatile on long-haul flights. I never realized that these smaller planes could fly so far, for so long.


    However, I see why Boeing is retiring the 747 since their smaller planes can literally do the same longer flights that they couldn't years ago. Considering the flight from New York to London is around 3100 nm miles, perhaps there will be a change from the airlines to the smaller 737? Seems the business model is steering that direction.


    I took a video of the landing, and posted on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=takH6csSTpo).

  8. Well, I have, but I cannot get the cut-paste function to work with this website. It asked me to allow access to the clipboard, and I did. But, I still cannot cut-paste anything to the post I am trying to write, and I am not about to type the whole thing. And no, can't attach anything, either. I don't know what it is about THIS website that I can't paste or attach anything. Perhaps my security settings?


    Anyway, yes, it can be done. I have done it for years and it works. Since I cannot post here, perhaps at Flightsim.com website? I know I can cut-paste there.

  9. I can't say whether it was a bug from the early days. If it is, for what ever reason, it is being triggered by something now, that for the longest time, has not - ever (for me).


    BOTH hydraulics A and B are overheating, and appear so in the FMC failures section. Yes, I followed the QRH for what I interpreted was a failure and found I had to turn both switches off, leaving me with little control of the airplane. The question isn't what to do when it happens. The question is WHY does it keep happening when it hasn't up-until-now. If it IS a bug, nothing has triggered it for me until now (years).


    I have searched other posts for an answer to this. But, have found nothing, hence the posting now.

  10. Simply, I fly from Orlando - FL, a lot. All cases, this is where I was taking off. It has been hot, but around 35° - 37°C (95°-98°F) approximately (actual temps). In all cases this has occurred, I set the fuel to 1/3 full fuel tanks from the FMC (relative to the distance of flight).


    Since this is a recent eventuality, and the only recent change is the addon Active Sky 2016, I have no idea what the cause is. I have used Active Sky Next for years, and this has not occurred. Not casting stones, just the only thing that has changed. I am unsure that AS16 would be the cause.


    Also, I noted (because I am brainstorming) that at least once I had a prolonged tarmac delay. Would sitting on the tarmac cause this Hydraulic A/B overheat?


    I have read other posts from the past (regarding this same issue) that it could be a fault saved from flight to flight. Since I don't save any of my flights, I don't see how this could be it. I DID look into the Default, CLDDRK, LONG and SHORT.sav files under the "fuel temp" section. All of them have a value of "10013".

  11. I have apparently hit something in the setup menus on the FMC that is now causing me to have this simultaneous failure occur with relative persistence. How do I stop this dual-failure from continually occurring on nearly every flight?


    * I don't save nor reuse flights

    * I don't know what I have changed to cause this, but this is a recent event

    * I don't have failures turned on

    * It is consistent, the only failure that is occurring, both Hydraulics Elec 1 + 2, overheat/low pressure

    * This is always on the ground while setting up for a takeoff

    * This will NOT reset within the failures menu

    * I use Active Sky 2016 (live weather)


    Any thoughts / ideas? I have used the PMDG 737 NGX for quite a while. This has never happened until now. I expect it is something I have done.

  12. I just installed the update to the 777 Fs2Crew extra voice / version 2. It seems to run just fine, except I cannot find where the updated FO packs are. I have the same voice versions, as I thought came with version 1 (US1, UK1, EU, AU, and FR). Where is Germany, Scandinavia, Asia, Spain/Latin and Italy? I use the CFG to change to the various voice sets, but there doesn't seem to be a CFG for the added voice sets. What am I doing wrong? Many thanks.


    Other than this, the version 2 seems to work fine. Of course, I installed with Admin rights from the unzipped file.

  13. There is no "rush", but future planning for a replacement computer(s) (laptop or desktop). As the business model for Dell Computers, Windows 7 will not be available for purchase much longer. And currently, it costs more to buy Windows 7 than Windows 8.1 - So, as with a budget in mind for me and my family, every $100 matters with every feature offered with every new build of a computer (what processor, video, ram, hard drive/SSD, monitor, etc). What computer (and features) I purchase today will have to last for about 5 years. And since Windows 10 is being advertised that my new-born will grow up with it, this seems to be the business model of Microsoft for the future.


    Thank you for the info. I am grateful for your time to answer. I will continue to enjoy the products by PMDG until such time I can't.

  14. I have looked and don't seem to be finding answers. Is PMDG going to support, currently supporting, or has already been supporting Windows 8.1(+)? I think PMDG is great. As I upgrade hardware, and more importantly, a new system wherein Windows 7 is NOT available anymore (and is not supported by Microsoft anymore), will support be provided? I want to continue to enjoy the products provided by PMDG. But, the costs to purchase won't be worth it (as an experiment to see if it WILL work or not) IF windows 8.1(+) are not supported, not to mention digital copies are NOT refundable if by experimentation, they don't work with an unsupported Windows product.


    My general questions, where do we go from here as Windows 7 is being phased out, and later versions of Windows are being phased in? Is PMDG just going to disappear, or will later products be tailored for later versions of Windows?


    Thanks for your time and consideration.

  15. How do I set the Transition Level and Transition Altitude in FS2Crew? When flying in other countries, their TA and TL may be something other than 10,000'  and 18,000' (respectively); wherein the standard barometric pressure is set to 29.92 at 18,000' in USA, for example. How do I get FS2Crew to recognize a level other than 10,000' and 18,000', or have I an "understanding" challenge? Set me straight.

  16. I have version 1.4 installed. Using the U.S. crew, I found when I asked the FA for food from the FA menu, when they return with the food after knocking on the door, the conversation distorts and goes silent. Any thoughts? Thanks for your time and consideration.

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