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  1. I am definitely letting people know about this app ;) What I meant about the Freq was being able to create a new section like you can in References that way for example I can name the section KMSP and then see my freqs for that airport. Instead of a very long list of freqs it would be a long list of airports of which i can click and see the freqs. Hope that makes better sense.
  2. So far I am enjoying the new app, thanks for your work on this. I do have a few suggestions from my short time using it already that would really improve the experience: It would be nice if you could delete any items in the documents folder without having to actually switch over to Dropbox to do that The show weather selections for Metar / Taf reset back to both when you leave the weather tab It would be awesome if the Frequencies slide over was setup similar to the References one that way you could enter an airport and its freq and have it remembered for future use Due to the amount of time it takes to really personalize your setup, there should be a way to sync between the iphone and the ipad Can there be an option for the Non Normal Checklists section to have the normal background with a red symbol vs the red background - it seems to distract from the other areas visually A way to rotate a PDF for a sideways chart Anyways I am hoping you have plans to continually improve the app, I know I've bought many EFBs in the past to never have any improvements to them; all off which no longer work anymore. I like what you have done and would like to see this one be around for a long time. Thanks for listening. Jeff