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  1. mbarcos

    VoxATC & third party voices (AT&T)

    Hi, thank you vp49p3, I tried the new version but unfortunately it doesn't work.
  2. mbarcos

    VoxATC & third party voices (AT&T)

    Hi, here is the follow-up: I was very curious about DrumsArt's post saying that he has mike and crystal as well, working, but that he bought the voices from NextUp. I finally bought Mel from NextUp as well to try. It works! The difference between Zabaware and NextUp is that Zabaware distributes version 5.1 and NextUp version 1.4. For some reason VoxATC is not compatible with version 5.1 AT&T Natural Voices...
  3. mbarcos

    Sound has a mind of its own!

    Thank you. Changing from "Default Primary Device" to "Speakers (Realtek High Definition)" solved my volume variation problem.
  4. mbarcos

    VoxATC & third party voices (AT&T)

    Hi wanabflyer, yes, I tried this but the result was the same. Really strange is that the voice is ok, but not what is said => anyhow VoxATC recognizes and uses the voices, but cannot use them properly. Or VoxATC sends a command to whatever handles the voices and this whatever does not interpret VoxATC's command. I wish there was a log file somewhere to understand what is happening.
  5. mbarcos

    VoxATC & third party voices (AT&T)

    Thank you both, I opened a thread on Zabaware's forum. If a solution is found there, I will post it here as well (and vice-versa).
  6. mbarcos

    VoxATC & third party voices (AT&T)

    BTW, I already uninstalled and reinstalled three times both VoxATC and Zabaware, no change. Yes, I have it running usually. I just tried setting it off before starting FSX, same result. I hear VoxPop pilots speaking normally and mike16 repeating steadily the same sentence...
  7. mbarcos

    VoxATC & third party voices (AT&T)

    Vonmar, thank you for your reply. No, there is no error message and VoxATC works normally, apart the fact that mike16 and crystal16 always say the same thing: "voice required equals name equals mike16" or "crystal16". For example, I do radio check and get replied "voice required...". I ask request taxiing and get the same sentence said (only by mike16 and crystal16, all others reply normally if I select them as ATC). The taxi lights on and red lights before the runway work normally: blue lights after taxi request and weird answer, red lights before runway until ready for takeoff announcement and weird answer again. It's like talking with someone who perfectly understands what you say, does what you ask, but only knows one sentence...
  8. Hi, I bought Zabaware TTS reader with two AT&T voices, mike16 and crystal16. Zabaware reader and Windows Ease of access work, but I can't use the voices on VoxATC (MS Anna and VoxPop work perfectly). I can select them on the Voice Manager, but when clicking on Speak I hear "Voice required equals name equals mike16" or the same with "crystal16", depending on the selected voice. Weird is that this is said using the correct voices (i.e. mike16 or crystal16). Same on VoxATC in FSX: instead of saying "Test" (or any other text if I continue), the correct voices only say "Voice required equals name equals mike16". Googling I found out this is a tag that is used on such software to select a voice. I thought I should setup kind of a voice TTS dialect on some config file, but couldn't find any... Any help would be greatly appreciated ! Miguel
  9. mbarcos

    FSX crashes after 777 SP1 install

    Dear Jude, Sorry for the late, it was a very busy week. Thank you again. I re-installed the C++ studio. Unfortunately it didn't work, but I noticed something interesting. In fact, at first it worked (no crash), and then, when starting FSX again, it crashed on Init Perf, when accepting the suggested settings. The difference between both times was that I first tried with FSX alone (and it worked) and the second time I tried with AS Next. So I tried again, without AS Next, and it worked again. Interestingly, what happened after accepting Init Perf was that a message appeared on the FMC saying that Wind Request was available (Wind Data Uplink Ready, or something similar). Could it be that the error happens when FSX / PMDG ties to communicate with AS Next? Cheers, Miguel
  10. mbarcos

    FSX crashes after 777 SP1 install

    Dear Jude, Thank you very much for your prompt reply. I tried uninstalling PMDG 777 via the Control Panel and installing it again (Base Package, then SP1), but the error happened again. I then checked for Visual Studio, but only found Visual C++, and many versions of it (4 for 2005, 7 for 2008, 2 for 2010 and 2 for 2012). Is this what I need to repair? Is there a simple way for re-installing Visual C++? I mean, one that accurately chooses the version that must be re-installed? Thank you in advance for your help. Kind regards, Miguel
  11. mbarcos

    FSX crashes after 777 SP1 install

    Hi, I installed SP1 for 777. Before that 777 worked perfectly (at least I never noticed any issue). After SP1, while programming the FMC, FSX crashes, always when pressing a button (clicking on it), but not always at the same screen (can be PERF INIT, or any other menu). Message window: Microsoft Flight Simulator has stopped working I use FSX Acceleration, Orbx FTX Global, UTX, AS Next, FSUIPC, EZdok, TrackIR5. Any help would be appreciated. Regards.