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  1. Xizzle

    FSX ENB Problem

    Hey guys! Just having an annoying problem that I cant seem to fix. Ive started using ENB in FSX and its nice and all but I get this massive Blurry screen when I use it. I toggle it on and off with Shift + F12. When I toggle it off there isnt a problem and all is normal, but when Its on I get a massive blur and everything is out of focus. I currently use Nvidia Inspector with my FSX for AA and such. Here are some images of the blur and my Nvidia Inspector settings. Any ideas>? Link 1: http://imgur.com/lEyNqiO,yZ1CUvo#0 Link 2: http://imgur.com/lEyNqiO,yZ1CUvo#1
  2. Xizzle

    Weird Bug with FSX

    Hey guys Just wondering if anyone knows about this bug ive come across in FSX? Addons - ORBX Australia ORBX YBBN REX PMDG Carenado SPECS: i5 4690 GTX660 ASRock b85m MB
  3. Xizzle

    PMDG 737NGX Anti-Analising Problems

    Thing is, Ive been told to use the Nvidia Geforce AA but Using Ingame AA makes no difference for the wings at all and the Nvidia makes no difference aswell..
  4. Hey guys Im having some problems with my recently installed PMDG 737NGX. The wings are horribly looking and are just a pixely mess. Anyone know how to fix this problem? SPECS: i54690 GTX660 8GB RAM 64 Bit Windows 1TB HDD 6-GB SSD Thanks GUYS! http://imgur.com/t7oFdsq,3dtTs35,LlwdA45#0 http://imgur.com/t7oFdsq,3dtTs35,LlwdA45#1 http://imgur.com/t7oFdsq,3dtTs35,LlwdA45#2
  5. Hey guys, my name is Charlie I just recently bought the pmdg 747X and im new to this plane. Ive been messing around with it and working it out and i have come across a problem that i cant work out When I am told to raise my altitude and press (f10) to go to 2d cockpit and adjust the knobs for alt set, I can only tune them down and not up, this is the same as my heading knob and speed set knob. Can anyone tell me about this problem? SORRY I MEANT 747-400x