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  1. Many thanks, Jim and Dogtrack, for your suggestions. No UTX, ORBX or FTXG installed I'm afraid. I can't be sure whether or not I had the Western Isles layering correct and I haven't tried re-installing it yet thinking I should get installations of Volumes 1 and 2 working properly before installing anything more. Having now read the image uploading rules and realized my jpegs were a few hundred pixels too wide I shall have another go as seeing the effect might be more useful than a wordy description.
  2. I was wondering if anyone has encountered a similar problem to this one. I'm using Generation X Version 3 UK photo-scenery that had been running reasonably happily on my less than ideal system for several months. Then, attempting to fly from Glasgow to Benbecula I am surprised to find the geography of the Western Isles significantly rearranged. Large lumps of land appear to be floating off into the North Minch. I also notice that other areas that should be water are filled with random tiles of land. These land tiles might change to water as the flight continues but might also be swapped for other land tiles and tiles that have turned from land to water might turn back to land again. The misplaced land tiles are as if from varying heights ranging from low altitude (roads, buildings etc in detail) to extreme height map view (entirety of S coast of England & Wales on one tile!) Having upped Water effects to 2 means that at least I can see where water is meant to be but the appearance is of sunken land under the surface of the water. I've spent hours uninstalling everything and re-installing from scratch (fsx+Acceleration). I didn't get as far as the Western Isles this time as the same thing was happening after re-installing just Volumes 1 and 2. I've tried umpteen different configuarations. It's driving me nuts. I tried the Playsims website but the GenX support link directs to the Horizon site which has gone AWOL. I was so pleased to see this new avsim forum. Is there anybody out there who might be able to come up with an explanation and might be able to suggest a fix? Around about the time it started happening I had used Addit to install a new aircraft. Might this have done the damage? Please find attached screen grabs. Sorry it's been such a long post. My thanks to anybody with the patience and stamina to get to the end of it. p.s. I'm a newbie both at Avsim and with fsx and I don't really know fsx works under the bonnet/hood but would like to learn more. And the screen grabs failed to upload.
  3. Hi, Welcome to my first ever posting. On any forum! I apologise in advance If I breech any protocols. You could try the Orkney Islands circular out of Kirkwall. That of course includes the Westray to Papa Westray hop ie. shortest scheduled commercial flight on the planet. I haven't checked and it's possible Islanders are being used these days but it was definitely a Twin Otter I watched taking off from Westray when I was up there a few (ok, possibly more than just a few) years ago. Phil