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  1. Hi, After setting the AP and ALT mode, I think you have to then adjust VS / Pitch to start the climb. In other words, I don't think the AP will command a climb or decent just from your setting the alt and engaging ALT mode, it needs a pitch change to be set too. Give it a try. :smile:
  2. Glad you got it fixed. I'm not sure if they're planning to upgrade the sound or not - but they certainly need to in my opinion! :smile:
  3. Can you tell us a little about your system specs? You don't need DX10 to be turned on to view or use this aircraft, so the problem doesn't lie there. In fact, I'd advise turning DX10 OFF until you get things running normally, as FSX's native format is DX9 so it is probably best to resolve the issue in standard (DX9) mode first. Could you see any external model at all? .... or was it there, but looked a little like a 'skeleton', with some interior details but missing skin?
  4. Ah ok. Sounds like they fudged 'em in the update then. I'm still enjoying this plane now and again, but definitely prefer v1, as I prefer it's autopilot and have RXP set up for it etc.
  5. I'm not sure they worked before the upgrade, but perhaps they did. I'm using an old but brilliant sounding piston twin sound pack from the AVSIM library :- http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=154208 (You'll need to be logged in to the library).
  6. I've flown it today; I've got to be honest; visually I see virtually no difference. FDE-wise it seems to feel better to fly. The new A/P is in there, with Alt Select etc, but I personally preferred the older more primitive unit. I kept my old version "just in case" and for me personally I prefer the old version, prior to this update, because I am using my own sound, RXP gauge (pop-up only), some FDE mods of my own, and I prefer the old A/P. But most people will probably pleased with the update though.
  7. Sounds good. Although in this type of bird, I prefer the older autopilots that require more attention (eg. no altitude alerter etc) so I hope there's an option for both. :smile:
  8. No crashes for me but somehow I never get crashes! Are you using FSUIPC because I though it resolved G2D.dll crashes but I might be getting completely mixed up on that.
  9. I agree Frank. I'm a little astonished that, considering what was highlighted here (the inappropriate use of another company's copyrighted logo despite no collaboration or use of that company's product), they still haven't hastily removed the Reality 'XP' logo from their GNS 530 yet. Perhaps the fact that Reality XP don't seem to operate any more is causing FlySimWare not to worry much about the error. But RXP still sell products so presumably they still exist as a business entity. My concern, as I said earlier, is not to provoke a smallscale corporate war between Reality XP and FlySimWare ( :lol: ), but that I feel it is wrong that would-be purchasers of this 402C are being misled into thinking that the product is compatible with RXP 530 in the VC, due to seeing the 'XP' logo...... when it is not.
  10. It's better than my hopeless repainting skills could ever muster! Indeed! "Cessna November Oscar Lima, Cleared Take-off Runway 14, Mocha Hagotdi..." :smile:
  11. It's available now! Pardon my impatience Rich :smile: .... was just dying to get my hands on your great work here :cool: Here it is for others who are interested :- http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=182792&CatID=fsxacrp&Cookie=1 (You'll need to log in to the library to download) Cheers.
  12. Did you definitely upload successfully? Today's files in the file library appear to have been approved, and there's no sign of this one yet. :(
  13. Great work! I'm grabbing that for sure! :cool: EDIT: It's not in the library yet. So I guess it's still awaiting approval.
  14. Thanks Frank. Yes, I agree with regards to your observations here. :wink: It seems the developer here thought that the 'XP' logo was part of a Garmin model type (rather than Reality XP's logo). I think it's probably best ot leave it at that, given that these appear to be the facts. What happens next is up to Reality XP and FlySimWare. The main point that Frank has underpinned here which is most relevent to simmers and potential buyers, is that you could look at the screenshots of this add-on, see the 'XP' logo and understandably believe that the product is compatible with Reality XP's GNS530, when this in fact is not the case as we've seen.
  15. 100% sure, on these things :- (Please don't take the use of bold as aggresive; I'm merely bolding the salient points) :smile: The product doesn't come with any native RXP compatibility (eg. alternative models as Carenado use, or apps to replace the GPS with RXP as RealAir use).The included GPS, which is modelled on a GNS 530 is pure FSX default GPS500 functionality, but the exterior skin shows "XP" in the recognisable Reality XP font, in the right top corner of the device.The GPS is 3D within the model, eg it protrudes from the panel, making RXP 530 integration into the VC difficult, and RXP 430 integration all but impossible.As you'd expect expected, RXP devices work fine as pop-ups only. :smile:
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