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  1. Q_flyer

    Mcphat Mia?

    Nonsense. He's a paying customer and needs to be given what he's paid for, without dancing the dance as you suggest. + 1,00000 ! Incidentally to the OP, I had exactly the same issue a year ago. Bought; no download link live, no reply to emails. That was for the DC-9 VC pack. Got it eventually but I would never, ever deal with McPhat again. Totally unprofessional outfit IMHO. Search the forums - many people have had this experience with McPhat.
  2. Q_flyer

    When Are Flight Dynamics "good"?

    What a massively negative take, on what in reality is just some people's viewpoints! When people ask in threads "what is a good plane?" do you expect forum members to list every add-on available? Of course not ......... people give their viewpoint on what ticks the boxes for them just as people have done in this thread. I see no-one complaining ; apart from you.
  3. Thanks Bill. I'll try firing one off to rwhitwell. Anyone in the AVSIM team able to help clarify regarding this matter?
  4. Mmmm.... I've just received a "domain does not exist" email rejection, concerning the email address that is given as a contact email address on the PayPal transaction:- kwhitwell at someplace.ca Message: Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain; email address does not exist. So no email address contact for PayPal transactions to AVSIM at the moment. :( Respectfully, (and you guys do an amazing job and EVERYONE should donate), you guys really need an active email address as your contact on your PayPal account.
  5. Q_flyer

    How Many Flights Do You Do A Month?

    At my peak, about 6 years ago (before kids, business and degree study), 2-3 per day; every day. Now; 2 per week (so about 8-10 per month) is all I can manage, time wise. But I find the more my time is constrained for FS, the more I value and enjoy each flight. :smile:
  6. Q_flyer

    Download Videos

    On Vimeo, next to the "Download" button, there should be a "Watch now" button?
  7. Q_flyer

    When Are Flight Dynamics "good"?

    When they're done by Rob Young, Alexander Metzger, Majestic, or PMDG.... :wink:
  8. Oh well, at least I'm not alone. :smile: Perhaps they need 'adding' manually by someone. If this was perhaps added on the donate screen, at least people would know and wouldn't then chase. I've sent an email to the PayPal contact too, although just sent it today to be fair.
  9. Just the first sets that are suggested on each page..... haven't had time to look in more detail or tweak yet, so these are just "Set 01" etc for each category.
  10. Hi Folks, I made two separate donations to Avsim yesterday, using the PayPal system thats integrated into the donate forum section. Both were elligible to have the "donator" banner added to my ID, but as yet it has not been added? If there's a time delay, forgive my impatience - no hurry - it's just not clear to me whether it does take some time to update, or whether the donations haven't been picked up. Thanks. Dave.
  11. Q_flyer

    Vietnam Domestic (14 shots Warning!)

    Beauties! I too use OpusFSX for weather, and REX4 Textures, but don't use ENB at the moment; tempted to reinstall it after seeing these beauties!
  12. Just bought REX4 Texture Direct today, to accompany Opus which is my weather engine of choice :smile: This is a short (buy foggy) flight from EGGD > EGNT. The weather at EGNT on arrival was really low viz (we've had really heavy fog here all day), so a nice CAT III autoland was performed. :smile: Low viz arrival in to EGNT :-
  13. Hi Florian, I would honestly give the opinion that you are one of the most polite, patient and mild-mannered people that posts around here. So I wouldn't worry too much about the fact that some people just get bees in their bonnets about certain viewpoints, or more likely, certain people. Today, I posted the following statement in a thread about the excellent new Alabeo Piper Sport:- Not one bit of criticism about the product, just a logical reason why I'm not buying this particular add-on, and this got a "Dislike". I'm open to my posts getting some 'dislikes', just the same as they get some 'likes'...... this is because I am a person who is not backward in coming forward with my opinion or viewpoint. I therefore tend to attract like-minded or opposite-minded people, with this type of posting style. In the event, the person who made this "dislike" is an individual who is part of a commercial entity, and I once gave some criticism of one of his works. He is well known to take this really badly and he started PMing me under new, different accounts he'd set up. The account that he gave his "dislike" from today, was yet another brand new account that he is using to go around following my posts, disliking them, to "exact his revenge"... ha ha :lol: So the point is - there are some psychologically challenged people on any forum, and no matter what you do, they may decide to object to you.
  14. Q_flyer

    Albeo Piper Sport....i Love It.

    Bit strange that someone would "dislike" a post above, simply stating a fact, that the Alabeo doesn't come with RXP integration for the 430 unit, just the 530 :- ........ until you discover that the new user here "Freeware FDE Designer" is actually Bernt Stolle !! ..... That's right - I dared to criticise a couple of Mr Stolle's FDEs some months ago and as others have seen lately, he's opened several new user IDs, purely with the view of harrassing me by PM, and as in this case, to randomly "dislike" posts. :smile: Pretty sad huh!