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  1. SirKitty

    Can't install?

    Okey.... I just tried to put the disc in again and for some reason it works now... Well... Thank you for everything It works now and I am happy how fast the staff answers on this forum.
  2. SirKitty

    Can't install?

    Okey so I tried to put in another disc. It worked, the files were there as they were supposed to be. So it seems like I need to get my FSX Disc cleaned as you said but how do I do that? Thank You.
  3. SirKitty

    Can't install?

    Thank you so much I will try
  4. SirKitty

    Can't install?

    So, I just tried to install FSX Gold Edition that I bought a year ago maybe. But I got a new computer and I wanted to install it. But when I put the disc in, I see, or rather don't see any files at all in the disc? But it still says that the disc is full and not a single byte is free. I've tried to put in Disc 1/2/Acceleration but none of them works. I would be really happy if somebody could help me Here's a picture on how it looks.,HF3sR9E#0,HF3sR9E#1 Sorry that some of the text is on Swedish but that's where i'm from Thank You