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  1. I just did a fresh install of the OS, I installed this also as one of my FSX reinstall must haves.. It still crashed. I am using the old active sky and it works fine until they get an update out.
  2. achoffm1

    I'm Convinced

    Well as someone switching back to FSX today have fun. PV2 in its base form is ok, currently the add on material won't work properly for the most part. Overall the program has a lot of work, and even when I had things running smoothly I would always get a crash after running the program for around 2 hours. You also have issues of porting planes over, the programs are just too different and despite programs adverting P3D ready they are not, they have to re-write the code to make use of P3D and the way it allocates it information. I plan on running FSX as my primary flight sim, I doubt I will install P3D again until they update it. So if you have a lot of FSX stuff like I do, this probably isn't a great move, keep the FSX you will be back to it in a week or two, P3D has too many little flaws that add up, from the main screen launcher and not being able to do a flight plan form the main screen to the various stupid small errors that should of been fixed before release as they are so obvious and happen to just about everyone.
  3. achoffm1

    P3D V2 my thoughts

    I want to come and apologize, I played around with a few more settings I did not thing of playing with in the first place. So LM says to disable SLI, I enabled it while it is true it does not fully use SLI, both cards share a memory load between 66%-70% and one runs the shaders. Under graphics settings, FSAA is OFF, MSSA ON, running 2 sample but still playing around, under the scenery I maxed out all the terrain bars, the rest of the settings I kept on medium, under the shadows I kept them at low IMO they still look good I also reduced building shows and cloud showdowns down. I am still playing around with the settings, but no more fuzzy none loading items from megascenry. Also I kept the FPS at unlimited. With Traffic set at 50% comer and 40% private, using my weather, traffic, and mega scenery I am getting 29-32FPS on the ground, looks great very happy with it. Flying over 7k feet I am 35-40FPS an over 10K feet depending on weather I am easily 120FPS. Once over 60FPS I don't really notice a difference, I have not noticed any artifacts, in fact it seemed to fix my traffic texturing loading which at times would make AI traffic black. Going to do some flying, so far I have only used it for 30 mins like this with no errors or cashes. I am going to do a few flight and hopefully it will be stable, it seem to be anytime on any of these sims switching between windows is when things go wrong.
  4. achoffm1

    P3D V2 my thoughts

    I can click and see who down voted me… Its funny since I have upset one person in particular that is just down voting just about every post I make.
  5. achoffm1

    P3D V2 my thoughts

    Why don't you post a screen shot of your plane at the airport not zoomed out. Zooming out = increase in FPS for me on my computer, if I went close to where it has to have detailed texture your FPS will drop.
  6. achoffm1

    P3D V2 my thoughts

    Honestly I don't care if people say negative things, I don't really read them they have nothing to contribute and probably have personal issues at home. Anyways I saw a lot of folks here talking about tweaking ETC, part of my post was to basically say trying to tweak with P3D V2, I figured since I have a higher end computer I would post that it basically does not matter how much power your computer has the 3rd party items are not ready at all for P3D V2, I also simply pointed out a lot of 3rd party folks are adverting their products a P3D V2 ready, or have installer patches etc, is that it? Are they going to rework it? Or just simply try and patch and port? If so Ill go back to FSX. Anyways Ill stick around I find it highly annoying that you have to have your first 5 posts approved… styckx if you don't like it then don't read it, did your mom tell you if you have nothing nice to say don't say it at all? I would rather have this topic turn into a pool of ideas for the folks like myself who get some joy out of working around problems, and my post calls out 3rd party makers to simply stop adverting "ready" for P3d, again they are not ready at all.
  7. achoffm1

    P3D V2 my thoughts

    Anyways I am done here, moving to another flight sim forum. I hate how a moderator has to approve everything. Makes me feel like a lot of censoring goes on here.
  8. achoffm1

    P3D V2 my thoughts

    I am just sharing my experience. I did not use a migrator I am more computer knowledgeable and can do it myself, I installed applications that some of which were advertised as P3D ready when in reality the code needs to be reworked and probably scraped and rewritten to work with modern hardware. You are simply trying to turn around me sharing my experience into me complaining about P3D V2, as I have already said its the future, but even the base game itself IMO from what they advertise to what has shown up is a joke, they advertise being able to take advantage of modern hardware, the game in its base form does not.
  9. achoffm1

    P3D V2 my thoughts

    Tried it.. Did not work.
  10. achoffm1

    P3D V2 my thoughts

    First time poster, been using FSX for about 6 months under the guidance of a good friend who has been using it for years and has easily 1k+ hours. I used a 3770k running at 4.5ghz, 16 gigs of Ram, 2 x 670 FTW SLI (disabled SLI now for flight sim), 3 SSD no conventional drives. With FSX obviously had no issues with add on scenery and airports (megascenery, flight beam, orbix, weather, traffic) the only issue is it was very CPU dependent, I would run it locked at 60FPS, at my worst airports I would drop to sub 20FPS, most airports ran at 30+ or more. Enough P3d V2 Had it since launch day, worked side by side with my friend on setting it up. I did a full clean install of the OS on my computer. The base game runs great, its just plain. megasceneryearth install just fine, the only issue I have is blurriness that I never had in FSX. I have messed around with all the settings and still have yet to find a solution. (as I type this I forgot I have yet to try it with tessellation off). My theory P3 V2 does not know how to utilize the graphics or memory properly at all. Yes I see my graphic card actually being used vs FSX which didn't, but I can't figure out what the heck its using it for. Flightbeam- can't even get to install, I get an error stating it can't find FSX. I have downloaded and redownloaded the installers and bam. The only issue I can think is I have P3D installed on its own drive and its not C drive, and that I installed it just to the drive and didn't make a folder to install P3D into first. Orbix works, I've noticed a few airports the scenery from orbix is taking over the airports and making taxi ways grass. This is evident at KDEN for me. My Traffic Pro 5.4 works, I get an install error. But I was able to just add a simple simobject line into my P3D V2 .CFG file and the traffic works fine. Active Sky works, I got an error at installation but it works in the game fine. Basically I am 50/50 split on going back to FSX, I had a stable FSX working great for months until I kept getting crashes out of nowhere got tried of it had hope for P3D v2, but so far I am disappointed with P3D v2, I get a lot of the errors people have posted, I've done a few fixes. I am also split on going back since I fly for a virtual airline and I can't get my 3rd party planes to work. At the end of the day its the future platform if they can properly manage graphics which IMO falls on the 3rd party add on folks, I personally feel that it is BS to tell us they are compatible, in reality they have to recode the 3rd party so it can make use of the graphics card and fit with the rest of the program. As for settings and tweaks I think we are wasting our time until the software is updated and improved, its clear to me this program still suffers 32 bit issues. 3.5 gig of ram with 13-14 gigs free and ready (Same as FSX) 1.5 gigs of vram with another .5 gigs free (Only difference I can tell so far and I can't tell ##### its actually doing, my add on scenery that works is worse off in performance) CPU uses 3 cores and only 50% processor power, I have played with affinity mask settings an HT so far nothing If anyone has suggestions or wants me to try anything let me know. From my FSX experience it doesn't matter what my processor is clocking once over 3.5ghz the FPS didn't really improve, its my opinion FSX and P3D are just so far behind in using modern computer technology, I expect that from FSX but not P3d.